Pyramid 2018.05.2 Released

The February release of Pyramid - build 2018.05.425 -  covers numerous bug fixes.


Instructions and best practice guides on how to run the upgrade can be found here.  As with all upgrades to production-deployed software, Pyramid highly recommends that customers test 5.2 on test servers - using mission critical content - to ensure it performs and responds as expected before deploying into production.

BI Office Converter

Pyramid 2018.5.2 is the companion release to the first RTM version of the BI Office converter (build1.1.2.9) for existing BI Office customers. Please click here to see more details on the converter.


A new version of help was published with this release that offers some strong examples on how to use the APIs.

Bug Fixes 


  • Fixed an issue where creating a Profile to enable Discovery only also requires enabling Formulate.


  • Fixed an issue where Column format was displayed as Decimal when '%' was selected as the string format
  • Fixed an incorrect formatting issue with decimal figures that are formatted as a percent.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to add a negative number to filters.
  • Fixed an issue where a Sankey chart component wasn't highlighted when hovering the mouse cursor over it.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering based on a custom measure that returns a Null threw a nullPointerException.
  • Fixed an issue where data labels do not appear correctly when using a white data label background.
  • Fixed an issue a user cannot modify an attribute Type.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appears when clicking on View Elements for an attribute that doesn't have any members.


  • Fixed an issue where a general error sometimes appear when opening a presentation.
  • Improved content backward compatibility and stability.
  • Fixed an issue where In viewer mode, interaction from slicer didn't work.


  • Fixed an issue where a Publication progress bar will show green even if some elements have failed.
  • Fixed an issue where ribbon buttons disappear for a text component.
  • Fixed the Scale to Fit functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the total is being added after disabling 'Miniaturize' grid functionality.


  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to add a negative number to KPI bands.
  • Added Range function in the 'Set' list of functions.
  • When using the Quick Calc/Create Measure and selecting the percentage the default format would be set to 0.0%
  • Made CM/CS context menus more consistent.


  • Fixed an issue where a user copies an ETL to a different tenant and try to execute it.
  • Fixed an issue where a user tries to upload a GEO JSON file with null values
  • Fixed an issue where python script throws an exception

Content Management

  • Fixed an issue where a user without proper permission, could save content.
  • Fixed an issue allowing to save content to a read-only folder.
  • Improved data source changer stability.


  • Fixed an issue where a grid is cut off in a PDF print.


  • Fixed an issue where scaling causes grids to appear blurry.


  • Tree slicers are now supported in mobile applications.
  • Fixed an issue where the iPhone 6 plus is displayed as a tablet.


  • Fixed multiple issues related to the BI Office Converter tool.

Added Features

  • Added an option to focus on more than one member in the grid.




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