Pyramid 2020 Released

See your analytic data with Perfect Vision

Version 2020 is the major release of Pyramid this year and includes over 150 new features and functional upgrades together with numerous fixes - all designed to make Pyramid’s Analytics OS the leading platform for enterprise customers looking for solutions that go well beyond visualization.


  • A listing of the headline features can be found on the official release page.
  • A more detailed list of all notable features can also be found on this supporting page. The features in 2020 include over 50 specific customer requested features.
  • A separate listing of bug fixes is available here.


  • The installer files can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal. The build version is 2020.00.055.
    • The various flavors of Linux are all now handled from a single installation package. As such, The Ubuntu, Debian, Centos and now Oracle Linux installations can be launched form the same installer.
    • Tablet & Phone applications are available on the Android and iOS app stores.
  • Help for upgrade installations can be found here.
  • Help on a new option to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.


Pyramid 2020 includes numerous upgrades to existing capabilities. As such, Pyramid strongly recommends that the new version be tested on existing content before any production upgrades are applied. Areas that are most affected include:

  • Visualizations: Horizontal Bar Charts, KPIs and Gauges
  • All data flows and data models, especially data flows containing Python scripts
  • Slicers on extremely large hierarchies



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