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Pyramid 2018.03.156 - Interim Release

This interim release brings a list of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue when loading an upgraded license
  • Support non-ASCII characters in file names when saving exported/printed content
  • Fixed adding users from another domain
  • UI fixes in the settings tab, under Task and Runtime engine to reflect changes


  • Correct handling of Timestamp columns in SQL server 
  • Teradata - Added support for non-ASCII characters
  • Google big query - Added the option to write to it as your data destination

Logic, Calculations

  • Fixed elements selection. (To not include items from the content folders)
  • Fixed a render error when you drag-drop the "Measure Set"
  • Support non-latin characters in custom scripts


  • Fixed an issue where measure groups buttons didn't work in IE
  • Description from overlay to measures will appear on the tree
  • Fixed changing metadata language according to Cube language selection
  • Fixed Transition behavior. (When choosing Tabular grid)


  • Fixed an issue with assets in a storyboard that relies on dynamic functions


  • Support printing data with non-ASCII characters


  • Fixed data reduction mechanism (when it's in canvas mode) and outer position of Scatter Chart
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