Pyramid 2020.17 Released

Pyramid 2020.17 has been released and includes a small collection of fixes.

Importantly, it includes the last preview release of the Kubernetes version before it is officially RTM'ed. 


The main installer files can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal

Upgrade Guidance

Main Installation guidance can be found here.

  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.


Pyramid 2020.17 includes several key changes to existing capabilities.

As such, Pyramid recommends that the new release is tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied. 

Further, a database repository backup should be made before upgrading any production systems and repositories.

New Features


  • New persistent storage options: SFTP, FTP, NFS
  • New REST API authentication options for SAML


  • Scaling models for Run time Services, AI services, Task Services
  • Faster switching and handling of requests between services
  • New persistent storage options: SFTP, FTP, NFS



  • Fixed an issue where a Model failed to process after renaming a column with multiple measures


  • Fixed an issue where Copy Raw Data failed on a report with a parameter
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking a broken (red) chip in a report caused a blank screen
  • Fixed an issue where a unneeded scroll bar appeared in a grid after swapping dimensions


  • Fixed an issue where the Create Date text field showed an incorrect date in runtime


  • Fixed an issue where a report subscription did not update based on a dynamic selection in a filter


  • Fixed an issue where editing a KPI failed with a "Type Error: Cannot read property" error
  • Fixed an issue of inconsistent results of a Range list in an environment with multiple Runtime engines


  • Fixed an issue where the data source did not change after using the data source changer API
  • Fixed an issue logging into Pyramid using IE
  • Fixed a broken link in the Model tutorial
  • Fixed a broken link to the French online help



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