Pyramid 2018.03.175 - Interim Release

This interim point release covers several bug fixes.

Bug Fixes


  • Improved memory usage/size limit when processing a very large In-memory database and model.
  • DB2 database running on IBM z/OS can now be used in Modeling as Source and Target databases.


  • Fixed an error when selecting multiple values in a filter on tabular 2017 model.
  • Fixed an issue where Axis labels are cut off.
  • Fixed an issue on the chart, where the same figures appear for two different measures.
  • Number formats are now based on Tabular/OLAP model language.
  • Measures will be grouped by measure groups If measure display folders are not configured in the cube.
  • Fixed an issue where measure formats were not displayed as configured in the model/cube.


  • Fixed a render error that occurs when changing the selected layout element to a slicer layout while the Action Panel is open.
  • Fixed a render error that occurs after running an Action during runtime.


  • Fixed an issue where a raster image is not printed.


  • By default, enforced IE not to use Compatibility Mode when it opens.
  • Login prompts a message when incorrect credentials are entered.
  • Improved performance by optimizing the query result package.
  • Fixed overall memory issues.
  • In-memory database was upgraded.
  • Login issue, where after an upgrade some users couldn't log in.


Here's a link to the customers portal to download the latest release.



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