Pyramid 2023.10 Released

Pyramid 2023.10 has been released. As a 'minor' release for the 'Archimedes' version of Pyramid, it includes a collection of fixes and over 85 new and enhanced capabilities. Over 80% of the features are based on suggestions from customers and ideas in the Product Ideas forum.

  • Main Installation guidance can be found here.
  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.

Special Directive for Oracle Database Repositories

If you have an older installation of Pyramid (prior to version 2020.28) or one that has been upgraded subsequently from a pre-2020.28 version, the adjustment described here needs to be applied BEFORE UPGRADING to 2023.10. 

Pyramid 2023.10 includes a large number of changes to existing capabilities. As such, Pyramid recommends that the new release be tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied.
Further, a database repository backup should be made before upgrading any production systems and repositories.

New Features

Over 85 New Features were added in 2023.10. Click here to see the feature listing.

Fixed Issues

Numerous issues were address in 2023.10. Click here to see the fix listing.



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