Pyramid 2018.03 Released

April 2018 Release

The April release of Pyramid brings a list of over 40 new key features and numerous functional upgrades, designed to make Pyramid’s Analytics OS the leading solution for customers wishing to deploy a comprehensive, end-user driven data analytics platform.


  • Click here to see the release notes.
  • 25% of the new features come from the 'Idea' submissions made by our users.
  • The fixed bug listing is below.
  • The bits can be downloaded from the customer portal on the Pyramid website.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Combined Elements filter throws an exception when there is more than one member selected in the hierarchy.
  • Fixed an issue where Forecast fails when a grid has a custom measure.
  • Fixed an issue where a custom member cannot be removed from a grid using Eliminate.
  • Resolved several caching issues.
  • Fixed an issue with removing a measure that has a regression line.
  • Fixed an issue where a message saying Render Error appears in a large slicer while it is loading.
  • Fixed several Sorting issues.
  • Fixed an issue where a slicer with nanoseconds fails when using an in-memory data source.
  • Added Data Labels to Line Charts
  • Improved error messages to provide more information.
  • Fixed an issue where the X axis label is cut off in Scatter Chart.
  • Fixed an issue where a Continues Parameter that is used in a set does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where when Using Attribute as a Filter the 'All' Member Doesn't Show.
  • Fixed an issue where it's not possible to open a report whose datasource structure has changed.
  • Fixed an issue with using the Lasso selection on Forecast cells.
  • Fixed several issues with drop zone behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where Gauge legends change location unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a legend issue with Regression Lines
  • Fixed several mapping issues.
  • Fixed an issue where a Trend Line does not appear in a saved report.
  • Fixed an issue with pivoting a Circle Packing chart 
  • Fixed an issue where the secondary axis title is wrong.
  • Fixed an issue with removing a measure that has Statistics on
  • Fixed an issue where a regression line appears twice in the legend.
  • Fixed an issue where a hierarchy cannot be expanded in the Dice context menu.


  • Fixed an issue where an ordered set appears with its natural order in the preview.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a KPI with numeric values in Actual/Target fails when executing from Status.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading spinner does not appear in the correct location when clicking on Execute after creating a custom KPI.

Data Modeling

  • Fixed an issue where a model is created after selecting to create Flow Only.
  • Fixed an issue where Combine Columns produces an incorrect result when a string is empty.
  • Fixed a Marketplace search issue.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting a table in the Step by Step wizard in cases where there are two tables with the same name in two different schemas.
  • Fixed an issue where the Filter node does not work as expected
  • Fixed a Preview button issue.
  • Fixed a Marketplace filter issue.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appears when uploading a Hebrew Excel file using Quick Modeling
  • Fixed an issue where an endless spinner appears after picking a script when using a scripting Source.
  • Fixed an issue where not all Select nodes are visible when there are many tables in the datasource.
  • Fixed an issue where quick discovery from ribbon is not working.


  • Fixed an issue where currency type is not imported when using a text file as datasource.
  • Fixed an issue where a slicer doesn't load in a presentation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Transparent color does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where Save as new version fails.


  • Fixed a reoccurring publication issue when using Oracle.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduling fails with an exception if the user does not have role access to the datasource.

Content Management

  • Fixed a Light Shell scrolling issue that occurs when there are many items on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting and importing a presentation, not all related content is imported.
  • Fixed a Datasource Changer issue where it is not possible to change datsource of content that was built based on a datsource that was since deleted.
  • Fixed a login issue with usernames that have a space in them.
  • Fixed an issue with moving folders that have the same name.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting content that was imported from an older version of Pyramid 2018.
  • Fixed several issues where text us hard to read when using Dark Mode.
  • Fixed an issue opening items from Favorites.


  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic properties of an Illustration do not appear in the printout.
  • Fixed an issue where panel title font size is very small in a printout when using High Image Quality.
  • Fixed a map printing issue.
  • Fixed a Right to Left grid printing issue.
  • Fixed an issue printing a Data Discovery to a PDF.
  • Fixed a printing issue with some Slovak characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spooler doesn't show any spool jobs when printing content that is based on an Oracle DB.
  • Fixed an issue where Print All Open Items prints items that were not selected.

Query Engine

  • Fixed an issue where opening an OLAP perspective fails.
  • Fixed several caching issues causing content to not be updated.

Admin Console

  • Fixed an issue where the Apply button is grayed out after selecting to use a Global Account for a datasource.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appears when checking the Global Account checkbox in a datasource while the Global Account settings are empty.
  • Fixed an issue where Hidden Roles are visible.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a user license cause its roles to be removed.
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicated lines to appear in the System Logs.
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled user is enabled after changing the user type.
  • Fixed a user search issue.


  • Fixed a logout issue when using Windows Authentication.
  • Fixed an installation issue when using an SQL DB and the password has a "&" or a "#" in it.



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