Pyramid 2018.05.4 Released

The May release of Pyramid - build 2018.05.642 - covers numerous bug fixes and several features.


Instructions and best practice guides on how to run the upgrade can be found here.  As with all upgrades to production-deployed software, Pyramid highly recommends that customers test 5.4 on test servers - using mission-critical content - to ensure it performs and responds as expected before deploying into production.

New Features


  • Added an option to Auto-Include calculated members in OLAP (an option under query settings in discovery)


  • Added a new option in multi-tenancy settings, to disabled 'write-capability' setting for domain admins and users.
  • Added a spinner in the metadata library.


  • Added over 20 new functions to the PQL Common library.


  • Added 'created by' and 'create date' to the information pop up.
  • Added background to the 'Treemap' data labels settings.
  • Added new logic for background chip in both slicers and drop zones. (It also enables a slicer to remain as such even if it has one element in it)
  • Added a new switch in the 'Filter' drop zone, to enable users to select if they want the filter in the Background or on screen.
  • New "Grouping" functions in the analytic context menu. Allows users to compare data between selected items (groups) and the remaining items of a query of hierarchy.


  • Added a query refresh when Run-time timer is auto cycling between slides.
  • Added a spinner when Navigate to a slide and the server time takes more than 1.5 seconds

User Experience (UX)

  • A spinner was added when opening content in viewer mode, and when opening content from the start page.
  • Added new metadata info panels in the Discovery, Presentation (Design and run-time) and in the Publication.


  • Large upgrade to technical help covering all PQL functions and the REST API library.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed specific date/time format issue in the installation scripts.


  • Behavior change:
    if you expand a user-hierarchy that has a custom order, will remove the order.
  • Fixed an issue where using a list of custom measure that uses a Background Color have caused an error when using Model Colors.
  • Fixed an incorrect member ordering issue when using 'Order By Attribute'.
  • Fixed an issue with Measure set with cube colors.
  • Fixed an error in parameter with Model Colors.
  • Fixed an issue where numbers were formatted incorrectly in a report.
  • Fixed an incorrect avg calculation in the in-memory database.
  • Fixed an issue when using Copy Raw Data on a Tabular Gird, the content was pivoted in the excel file.
  • Fixed an issue when row headers were not displayed in excel when using copy raw data.
  • Fixed an issue where a slicer was hanging due to a comma in the measure name.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grand total headers were being displayed in the wrong order.
  • Fixed an issue where Cube calculated members were missing in the member's list. (Related to reveal elements/open tree on ragged hierarchy).
  • Fixed compatibility to BI Office, where a custom member wasn’t colored in a different color.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grid didn't show a custom member that was created in the cube, under the same level as the All member when using OLAP.
  • Improved performance with Google Big Query data source.
  • Fixed an issue where member search didn't work on non-aggregatable hierarchies.
  • Optimized query result serializations.
  • Fixed an issue where using "Last" filter with Exclude items checked returned null/cannot execute the query.
  • Fixed OLAP query failing to run when it had a formulation with an apostrophe (') in its name.
  • fixed the Minus functionality so that a calculation of "null - null" resolves to null and not 0.0 as it used to.
  • Fixed an issue where expand on a calculated member in the grid was displaying 'children of' as one of the members in the elements tree.
  • Fixed an issue where using combine elements in a filter caused a Null error to appear on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue getting null values through the Pulse server.
  • Fixed a Natural Language Query issue which was causing it to query a KPI and fail.
  • Fixed an issue in viewer mode, where a slicer panel and info-card were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where elements tree was showing expand option where there shouldn't be one.
  • Fixed an issue with elimination in OLAP cubes.
  • Fixed an issue with custom visual items tool-tip.
  • Fixed an issue with actions when using Contain function.
  • Fixed an issue when the elements tree is open and using collapse action.
  • Fixed an issue when doing elimination with a set.
  • Fixed an issue when expand doesn't remove the custom order from the query.


  • Fixed an issue where an image in a presentation looked different when opening it from the client site vs a URL.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't print to PowerPoint because of an interaction error.
  • Fixed an issue where a visual changed color and scaling when opening a presentation from a direct link.
  • Fixed an issue where a text Global Parameter not working correctly in a presentation.
  • Fixed an issue where Text parameter interactions weren't working well.
  • Fixed an issue related only to SQL repository, when using Dynamic text with Hebrew text in the presentation the text turned to "???".
  • Fixed an issue with shape maps context menu.
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic text from a really big query.
  • Fixed an issue in the new interaction manager, where the publisher showed render error when the interaction manager is open and a user deletes a visual.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling 'Auto Interact' created a new interaction in run-time for Assets.
  • Fixed an issue where a parameterized slicer opened in run-time broke.
  • Fixed an issue where undo interaction to a web page asset doesn't work.
  • Fixed a UI issue in the interaction manager when in RTL.


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't save publications from the admin.
  • Fixed an issue with charts x-axis that wasn't displayed.
  • Fixed a render error in the interaction manager, after deleting a visual.
  • Fixed an issue where a schedule failed to run if it's creator user was deleted.


  • Fixed an issue when using SAP HANA data source, when there are two views with the same name under different folders.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Direct Query Left Join'. A visual fix.
  • Fixed an issue in Security Tab, where the scroll bar on roles was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where roles security weren't saved after a manual change.
  • Fixed an issue where roles security where overridden after a scheduled 'process model' was run.
  • Improved stability when using R/python (Black screen).


  • Fixed an issue when adding a conversation message that is larger than 501 characters.
  • Fixed an issue when in Presentation slide show, start new conversation throw an exception.
  • Fixed an issue with the scrollbars of the conversations panel.


  • Fixed an issue with the encrypted internal network for OLAP cubes.
  • Fixed an issue where upload AD users from a CSV file failed when the list contained users that were removed from AD.
  • Fixed a UI issue with scrollbar in the details of job executions
  • Fixed a UI issue in the edit schedule page where you couldn't see the save and apply buttons.


  • Fixed an issue where the Sunburst chart "Details" disappeared when the attribute was moved to the color drop zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the second layer in the Sunburst chart wasn't showing details.
  • Fixed an issue with Incorrect axis labels format when using a tabular model with the language set to Dutch.
  • Fixed an issue where small numbers were displayed automatically as scientific in a grid.
  • Fixed an issue where the columns that contained negative numbers in a stacked column chart, were overlapping the x-axis labels.
  • Fixed an issue where data tool-tips were not visible when hovering on a shape map.
  • Fixed an issue with data labels that get transparent with white background themes.
  • Fixed an issue with data labels when the values are negative.


  • Fixed Hebrew language support in the dynamic text.
  • Fixed a typo in the error message in the asset screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic text designer was rendered on top of the page save options menu.

Content Management

  • Fixed an issue where typing was hanging in the content search text box when there were no results for the given search.
  • Fixed an issue where after a presentation import, some of its components were not accessible for users.
  • Fixed an issue with the order of the models in the recent.
  • Improved content stability related to Alerts.
  • Fixed an issue where the save button was disabled on a specific scenario (related to versions).
  • Fixed an issue where the Structure Analyzer cannot read SAP Hana Metadata.
  • Fixed an issue in the content tree, where after coping a folder then using 'Deep Paste', the original folder seemed missing on the content tree.

Printing Engine

  • Fixed an issue wherein a specific scenario you couldn't print to PowerPoint.
  • Fixed a localization issue, when the application language was set to Hebrew, emailed publications were displaying the grid from left to right.
  • Fixed an issue with printing large query results to excel. The new logic is evaluating the results based on the machine memory. And produces a CSV file if the results are too large.
  • Fixed an issue where for every excel sheet, data was being shifted down.
  • When Print to Excel, the names of the tabs will be taken from the panel title or by the discovery name. the same name will also be added in the sheet first line.


  • Renamed the text 'data base' to 'database' throughout the application.




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