Pyramid 2020.01 (Service Pack 1) Released

Service Pack 1 for Pyramid 2020 - build 2020.01.121  - has been released and includes a few new features with numerous fixes.

New Features

  • Mobile Timeout - Admins can configure session timeouts for mobile devices
  • Open in Maintenance mode - Discovery reports can be opened in Maintenance Mode which can help fix issues preventing from opening the report normally
  • JavaScript Actions can now be created in Discover and Present
  • New semantic and common functions were added to the PQL library
  • Russian is now supported
  • New visual options in Discover were added: including the ability to change the grid row and column colors, customize grid borders and modify the columns in column chart padding/sizing.

A separate listing of bug fixes is available here.


  • The installer files can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal.
    • The various flavors of Linux are all handled from a single installation package. As such, The Ubuntu, Debian, Centos and Oracle Linux installations can be launched from the same installer.
    • Tablet & Phone applications are available on the Android and iOS app stores.
  • Help for upgrade installations can be found here.
  • Help on a new option to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.



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