Pyramid 2020.15 Released

Pyramid 2020.15 has been released and includes primarily a collection of functional fixes and important security upgrades.


The main installer files can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal.

Upgrade Guidance

Main Installation guidance can be found here.

  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.


Pyramid 2020.15 includes numerous key upgrades and fixes to existing capabilities.
As such, Pyramid strongly recommends that the new release is tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied. 

Further, a database repository backup should be made before upgrading any production systems and repositories.

New Features


  • Added new IBM DB2 for AS400 connector.
  • Upgraded connection options for Microsoft Multidimensional (OLAP) and Tabular data sources in the Admin Console allowing HTTP access to Analysis Services using MSMDPUMP.dll. It also includes a new "Use Multi Pass Authentication" option to better control on how Pyramid authenticates to these data sources
  • Added a new  ODBC 'Direct Query' connector - allowing users to query ODBC sources directly. (Note this will only work on ODBC data sources that are fully ANSI SQL compliant).


  • Upgraded accounting grid styles to support background colors.

Content Management

  • New hover-over tooltips in the content explorer showing meta data
  • New content view options for "Viewers"



  • Security updates and upgrades to the internal encryption framework
  • New additional security measures to harden the web-based client


  • Fixed an issue where trying to use the Market “Basket Analysis – R” node in a flow resulted in an error
  • Fixed an issue where existing publication schedules did not appear in a Master Flow "Pyramid Event"
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appeared after trying to access a data flow from the master flow
  • Fixed an issue where a blank screen appeared after running an Execute Process node with Load Error disabled in the master flow
  • Fixed an issue where non admin users were unable to see the Salesforce db when using salesforce as a source
  • Fixed an issue where a Full Outer Join which has <= or >= in the Relation setting have caused an error in Discovery
  • Fixed an issue where uploading multi text files failed with a "Column type are not the same" error
  • When working with a PostgreSQL data source, Pyramid will now be able to automatically detect Materialized Views
  • Fixed an issue where a model that is based on a Pyramid source did not update correctly after a process


  • Queries:
    • Fixed an issue where Totals showed incorrect values
    • Fixed an issue where adding totals to a report resulted in a timeout
    • Fixed an issue where using a Lag function for a data point in a formulation failed when using a Date Calendar filter
    • Fixed an issue where a change to a hierarchy caption was not reflected in Row and Column headers of a grid
    • Fixed an issue where a parameter of a date attribute caused an error when placed in Combined Elements
    • Fixed an issue where parameter selections reverted to default after adding a Forecast
  • Visuals:
    • Removed the options to change the Country and Water color when using a Blank map type
    • Fixed an issue where columns are not scrolling correctly in a grid when using the Hebrew UI language


  • Fixed an issue where a "null" was added to the URL of a Jump to URL action
  • Fixed an issue where Quick Sort in a Present did not work correctly when a measure list parameter was used
  • Fixed an issue where Jump to URL did not work when an '&' was used in the UniqueNames() delimiter text
  • Fixed an issue where a small grid did not render after making a filter selection
  • Fixed an issue where a cursor and the tooltip were not aligned correctly in a chart when using scale up & down
  • Fixed an issue where slicer save settings from Discovery were retained when using the slicer as Date Calendar in a present
  • Fixed an issue where a present could not be opened after import
  • Fixed an issue where slicers in a Present did not cascade as correctly
  • Fixed an issue were a blank screen appeared after closing a Click Action pop up while it was still loading
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat Bot and Smart Insights options did not appear in the Runtime Options for existing content
  • Fixed an issue where creating an interaction between a filter and a grid failed with a Null Pointer Exception
  • Fixed an issue where, in a specific scenario, a presentation caused the runtime service to crash
  • Fixed an issue where Date Calendar filter was cut off in small screens
  • Fixed an issue where a Date Calendar filter which has no members caused the Presentation to fail


  • Fixed an issue where the Table of Content did not work with flow visuals


  • Fixed a List issue where selecting all members in an attribute showed the All member as selected but did not include it in the list
  • Fixed an issue where adding a member with "<" or ">" in its name to a Standard List node caused it to disappear

Content Management

  • Fixed an issue which caused the process of restoring deleted content to fail
  • Fixed an issue where Analyze Structure incorrectly indicated a report problem
  • Fixed an issue where an imported calculation failed in case its data source was down while running the Data Source Changer on it


  • Fixed an issue where a grid Column Header did not scale correctly when using Scale to Fit
  • Fixed an issue where a line chart that is based on certain custom calculations failed to print to Excel


  • Fixed an issue where the Conversation button did not work for a Viewer user
  • Removed the Conversation option which was incorrectly showing in content that was opened through a direct link
  • Fixed an issue where some Slovenian characters did not appear correctly in a conversation


  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Test button in the SMTP setting kept prompting the user for a password
  • Fixed an issue where the options to email the enterprise and domain admins did not work for the Device ID Check in the mobile settings
  • Fixed Theme issue where the Report Color setting affected the inherited font color


  • Fixes applied to the Angular library for embedding (hosted on NPM).


  • Improved the way queries are cleared from the Pyramid Windows Connector (DNC) memory
  • Fixed an issue where the direct link to the item [DL] did not appear as default in an Alert message body
  • Fixed an issue where some temp files didn't get deleted
  • Fixed an issue where the Agent and File Server services didn't start after an install



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