Pyramid 2020.04 (Service Pack 4) Released

Service Pack 4 for Pyramid 2020 - 2020.04  - has been released and includes numerous fixes and improvements.


  • The installer files can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal.
  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.


Content Management

  • Fixed an issue related to import/export of a model with versions
  • Fixed an issue when unauthorized users were able to create reports in restricted folders
  • Fixed an issue with drill through throwing an error when trying to open content that was already opened
  • Fixed an issue where the publication tab closes after performing a 'save as' and replace to name that already exists
  • Fixed an issue with the Structure Analyzer that was causing a failure.
  • Fixed an issue with the Structure Analyzer  when the member's name was too long


  • Changed the unreadable color of the N-of-N chip name
  • Fixed N-of-N chip style
  • Fixed several black screen related issues in a few different scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where 'Stacked Area Chart' wasn't being colored when sorted by ascending order
  • Fixed the member/measure description to appear as tooltips on the grid column headers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grand total was not showing the correct results due to the way the negative numbers were formatted
  • Fixed an issue when changing subtotal from “sum” to “Aggregate”
  • Fixed a total issue when the same dimension attribute/hierarchy was used in more than one drop zone
  • Fixed an issue where a user wasn't able to select and deselect members in a report where the hierarchy had only one level and no aggregation (no All member)
  • Fixed a Black screen issue that occurred when using the 'Search Elements' function
  • Fixed an issue where the Line chart was rendered continues instead of a broken line (Due to lack of data…)


  • Added an option to show measures list based on the user's choice of filters
  • Fixed an issue when using a Parameter that holds a custom set ordered by Selection


  • Fixed a Black screen issue when clicking on a relationship between tables
  • Fixed an issue where testing a table from a custom query would show an endless spinner
  • Fixed an issue where Rearranging items in the master flow caused a black screen.


  • Improved interaction logic for content accuracy when iterating between slides.
  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic text wasn't being refreshed when located on the content page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a dashboard to open in Mobile Using Direct Link
  • Fixed a "circular interactions" issue on slicers
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't create an interaction between a parameter and an illustration with a dynamic text
  • Fixed an issue where mapping inter cube interaction between OLAP and Tabular wasn't working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the report caption settings were not copied across correctly from the discovery to the publication
  • Fixed an issue where a "Date part" slicer setting could not be changed in the presentation
  • Improved error handling when iterating between application languages
  • Fixed an issue where context menu on miniature visuals failed to open
  • Fixed an issue where a presentation failed to open due to a broken discovery in the first slide.
  • "Ignore Query Cache" was added to the presentation runtime options
  • Fixed an issue where the slicer wasn't loading in a specific scenario. (related to content cache)


  • Fixed the truncated bar chart data labels in a publication to match the way they look in discovery


  • Added a confirmation dialog when clearing model settings
  • Fixed an issue with renaming themes
  • Roles Security enhancements
  • Fixed an issue when trying to propagate roles on a folder
  • Fixed an issue where the domain administrators were missing or where unable
    to select roles in the source manager
  • Added spinners to the feed pages
  • Fixed an issue with the zero value in caching timeouts
  • Added a limit to server display name length

Data sources

  • Errors with connections to Hana 1.0 has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue when trying to connect to an Azure Tabular Model with special characters in the password
  • Concealed the plain text password that was shown in the error message when trying to connect to a Tabular model on Azure
  • Added new (back-end) technique for connecting to MS OLAP and MS Tabular sources based on the latest MS OLEDB driver upgrades. This should reduce issues seen on less reliable Active Directory networks.

Miscellaneous Back-end Items


  • Fixed an issue where the 'Show Title' check did not toggle correctly
  • Fixed an issue when printing an empty report to Excel, printing failed


  • Fixed an issue when using a direct link to an embedded presentation, the external target value only worked for the first slide.
  • Fixed an issue where Pyramid embed did not override a website specific styles


  • Enhanced Tutorials stability

Pyramid Repository

  • Removed a duplicated index from Pyramid repository in table server_log_transaction and added another index to increase query performance


  • Fixed a potential memory leak in the Windows Connector service


2020.04 includes upgrades to existing capabilities.
As such, Pyramid strongly recommends that the new version be tested on existing content before any production upgrades are applied.  



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