Pyramid 2018.04 Released

August 2018 Release

The August release of Pyramid includes over 100 new features and numerous functional upgrades and fixes, designed to make Pyramid’s Analytics OS the leading solution for customers wishing to deploy a comprehensive, end-user driven data analytics platform in the enterprise.


  • The feature release notes are attached to this blog.
  • The fixed bug listing and critical upgrade notes are below. 
  • The installation can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal.
  • Tablet applications are available on the Android and iOS app stores.
  • Upgraded Online help can be found here. Help on the upgrade installation can be found here.

Short videos on key features in the release are available below.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the vertical scroll of a grid changes position when creating a big query and scrolling all the way to the right.
  • Fixed an issue where Member Search doesn't find members of a large dimension.
  • Fixed an issue where Parameter change is not affecting the query when using two From and To parameters in a range set which is placed in the Filters using Combined Elements.
  • Added a new Model Formats option to resolve an issue where the formatting of the parent measure in the grid is incorrectly applied to a calculated column that was created in the cube under a dimension.
  • Fixed an issue where a Smart Discovery fails for In-Memory DB.
  • Added a Secondary Y-Axis tab to the Axes Options window.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a measure from a grid causes the column headers to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue causing columns of a column chart to overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where the grid shows incorrect number formats when using a tabular model with Compatibility Level set to "Azure Analysis Services / SQL Server 2017 (1400)"
  • Fixed an issue where tree slicers do not filter the query when the report is opened which resulting in a big result set which causes the report not to open.
  • Fixed an issue where cities appear in the wrong location on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where getting a message saying "An item with the same key has already been added" after adding a new attribute to the report. This happened when there were two members without a name selected.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a Forecast to a report that is based on an OLAP cube throws an exception.
  • Fixed an issue where the AutoRun state doesn't get saved in a report.
  • Fixed an issue where a filter which is based on a custom member that uses a parameter is not removed when the parameter is removed in a specific scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lasso functionality does not work on a line chart.
  • Fixed an issue where Sub Totals show the same values as Grand Totals in a grid.
  • Fixed an issue where some data is missing in a report that was created in an older version.
  • Fixed an issue where after making a cascade shareable, it is not displayed inside the private/public content tree.
  • Fixed an issue where after creating a cascading filter and then clicking on Query Reset, the parameter is still selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the format of a custom member is incorrect in a grid if the measure in Values has a different format.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling a Shared Y Axis in a chart incorrectly changes the axes titles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lasso Selection functionality had no effect on a Word Cloud Chart.
  • Fixed an issue where display folders for hierarchies are missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Interaction button cannot be unselected when the ribbon is set to collapse automatically.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred after adding new items to a column in Model.
    If the column was used as a Filter in a report and had 'ALL' selected, the filter wouldn't auto select the new items.


  • Fixed an issue where a custom list that has filtering fails due to incorrect Solve Order and Scope Isolation syntax.
  • Fixed an issue where a message saying "Cannot have a measure set combined with more elements" appears when creating a switch set using measures.
  • Fixed an issue where an error is thrown when creating a List that uses a Global Parameter and a Switch statement to allow the user to select between different measures.
  • Levels are no longer visible under Select Hierarchy when creating a List.

Data Modeling

  • Fixed an issue were table schemas did not appear when using the Step By Step wizard to create a model based on the SQL database.
  • Added a Refresh Column button to the Select node to resolve an issue where a column was added to the data source but cannot be seen when editing a model.
  • Fixed an issue where it's not possible to connect to Apache Hive when using JDBC (v1.0.0).
  • Fixed an issue where the "==" sign does not work when used in an IF statement of a Calculated Column.
  • Fixed a timeout issue when using Canopy-Weka.
  • Fixed an issue where a Filter selection disappears in the Data Flow after clicking on Select Preview when using a Pyramid content source. 
  • Fixed an issue where an exception is thrown after adding a column that contains more than two values to the Output Classifier when using the SVM-MLib node.
  • Fixed an issue where Modeling hangs after joining 500,000 rows to 3,000,000 rows.
  • Fixed an issue where a model that was exported and imported to a different environment does not work even after updating the data source and destination.
  • When choosing an existing DB, the database combo box is now searchable.
  • Fixed an issue where the execution of Data Model & Flow fails when creating a flow with Redshift as Target and having Auto Index enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where a dynamic text doesn't show results on the first load and starts working only after clicking on Reset a few times.
  • Fixed an issue were slicers stopped working after importing a Presentation.
  • The Report Item column of the Interaction Manager is now resizable.
  • When creating a slicer in a Presentation or Publication, it is now possible to use custom members.
  • Fixed an issue where when running a storyboard from favorites and closing it, the page gets locked.
  • Fixed an issue where a URL Action does not work correctly when opening a Storyboard from the Explorer (content management).
  • Fixed an issue with using Save As while the Actions Dialog is open in a presentation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lasso functionality did not work when using Firefox.


  • Fixed an issue where the Publication Feeds do not show content when the filter is set to a time period smaller than 1 Month.
  • Fixed an issue where Scheduling a publication fails when using a Global Parameter.
  • Improved performance by tweaking the publication filter load mechanism.
  • Fixed an issue where the Start Date and End Date of a reoccurring publication is different between the client site and the admin console


  • Fixed an issue where the Font size Increase and Decrease buttons do not work for a Dynamic Text.
  • Fixed an issue where the font size setting of a Dynamic Text is not retained.
  • Fixed an issue where Bold cannot be disabled for a Dynamic Text.
  • Fixed an issue where if creating a Dynamic Text based on a very wide grid, part of the grid is not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where a label Dynamic Text fails if it's based on a grid that has a parent-child hierarchy with one member selected.
  • Fixed an issue where editing and saving a sharable asset, it does not update if it's open in a different tab of the same session.
  • Fixed an issue where when dragging multiple files to the assets canvas only one file is shown.
  • Fixed an issue where a dynamic illustration is distorted when printed in Word.

Content Management

  • Fixed an issue where the "Content being used" message that appears when deleting content shows only the component that you are trying to delete and not the upstream content as it should.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appears when trying to move a file from a workgroup to a public folder of another tenant.
  • The search field is now set to "Contains" instead of "Start With"
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to change the roles for the Public Content when using Multitenancy.
  • Fixed an issue where after exporting and importing a folder, the content does not maintain the same folder structure.
  • Fixed several PIE import issues causing the import to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where the Data Source Changer didn't work on Sample Content.
  • Fixed an issue where saving multiple times in quick succession causes the save to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific sequence of Copy/Paste/Delete/Purge actions will cause content to be removed after pasting it.
  • Fixed an issue where a user cannot see a custom member that is used in a report if the custom member is in the private content of another user.
  • Fixed an issue where a report does not open after an upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where the Roles list remains visible on content that was cut and paste from Public Content to My Content.


  • Fixed an issue where an Out of Memory message appears when exporting to Excel.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message saying " The model null couldn't find the table for modeling column …" appears when printing.
  • Fixed an issue where Illustration asset positioning is incorrect when printing to PowerPoint and Word.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Print Folder Content option to print a folder that has a storyboard, the slides are printed with an incorrect order.
  • Fixed an issue where printing fails when using the Print All Open Items option.
  • Fixed an issue were incorrect number formats appear when printing to Excel.
  • Fixed an issue where a title in a publication gets cut off when printing to PowerPoint.
  • When printing a storyboard to PowerPoint and using "Scale to Fit", the visual in the printout is too small.
  • Fixed an issue where a discovery report prints two pages where one of them is blank.
  • Fixed an issue where a member with empty caption in the legend appears incorrectly when printing.

Admin Console

  • Fixed an issue where the Edit Server Role list in the Admin Console was un scrollable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Roles Import button does not work in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue where Importing roles into Pyramid 2018 fails if another tenant has a role with the same name.
  • Fixed an issue where Import Users cannot find AD domain when the domain name is written in uppercase letters.
  • It is now possible to restrict users from changing Hierarchies/Attributes/Measure properties using a setting in the admin console.
  • Added a scrollbar for Roles in the Users list
  • Fixed an issue where a license import fails.
  • Fixed an issue where it's possible to add the same user twice by using the import user feature if the new username is written in upper case letters while the existing username is in lowercase
  • Fixed an issue where it is possible to add more than allocated for a tenant when importing.
  • Fixed an issue where the license count is inaccurate when uploading users via a CSV file
  • Fixed an issue where after changing the security of hierarchy/member in the Admin Console, it doesn't affect the discovery until a metadata refresh is made.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a very large number of users causes a timeout.


  • Fixed an issue where the Geospatial database gets populated with incorrect data when installing a multi-server environment.
  • Fixed an issue where after changing the default Initial Username during the installation, the Pyramid 2018 Instructions page which appears at the end of the installation process will show the default username instead.
  • Blocked the option to use colon and semicolon characters for the initial user's password as using these characters in a password will cause a login failure in the desktop application.


  • "GetAllItemsByUser" will now return content from the entire CMS instead of only the user's private content.
  • Fixed an issue where it's possible to add a user more than one time using the API.


  • It is now possible to log into Pyramid 2018 with the following username syntax: user@domain.com
  • Fixed a Cross-tenant security roles access issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the DNC server did not work on a server that has TLS 1.1 disabled.

Critical Upgrade Notes

  • 2018.04 includes a big change to the way visual legends are rendered and their capabilities. Great care has been taken to ensure that old content will appear the same with the new legend engine – however, there may be subtle differences. All visuals, presentations and publications should be checked for consistency.
  • Based on customer feedback, conditional formatting colors in Discover will now be based on the range color set  - “green/yellow/red” - in each theme by default. (Previously they were based on the standard color palette in the theme pack). This change will apply retroactively and will affect any visuals that have used color-based conditional formatting. The new legend editors will give report designers access to change these colors to any selection from now on.
  • Shared measure visuals (primary/secondary) have been modified to include more flexible choices for coloring measures. In the very small minority of cases, previously designed shared measure visuals will need some minor tweaks to ensure that the colors for each measure have not been lost.
  • Discover layouts have now been made significantly more powerful and more flexible. In a very small minority of cases, prior content panels housing slicers may need to be resized marginally.




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