Pyramid 2020.27 Released

Pyramid 2020.27 (Service Pack 7 for 2020.20) has been released. It includes a collection of fixes for bugs and issues and several new capabilities related to data sources.


Installation & Upgrade Guidance

  • Main Installation guidance can be found here.
  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.


Pyramid 2020.27 includes changes to existing capabilities. It builds on other changes made since the last major release (2020.20). Please consult the notes for all versions from 2020.20 onwards on this forum to understand the impact on your deployment.

As such, Pyramid recommends that the new release be tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied. 

Further, a database repository backup should be made before upgrading any production systems and repositories.

Data Source Access

  • SSO by User for Azure AD and Snowflake: When authenticating Pyramid users through Azure Active Directory, OAuth user credentials can now be passed automatically to SnowFlake, enabling Single Sign On.
  • New OAuth options for database authentication: When connecting to OAuth-authorized data sources, a specific user's credentials can now be passed through to leverage the user security of the target data source. 
  • Further control of Failed Schedule email distribution: An option to limit the distribution of emails generated by failed schedules. It can now be optionally turned off for all Admins. The owner of the Schedule will continue to be notified of failures.
  • Additional Proxy2 account information: To provide for seamless connection across certain different data sources, an additional Proxy Name option has been provided so that two of these sources may be used in conjunction. This includes Snowflake, Microsoft SQLServer,  Microsoft SQLServer Analysis Services OLAP and Tabular, SAP HANA, and SAP BW. 
  • User API update for Proxy2: Support to manage the new Proxy2 option when assigning users through the API.

Data Connectors

  • New ClickHouse connector: A new connector for ClickHouse, an open-source column-oriented DBMS for online analytical processing. This connector supports both data ingestion and Direct Query. 
  • Optimization of NVARCHAR indexes for MS SQLServer: Pyramid now matches the data type of text parameters passed to VARCHAR data fields in the database to leverage any in-place indexes.
  • Parent-child cross query optimization: Query processing has been updated to isolate Parent-Child hierarchies from Measures where those Measures are unrelated to the Parent-Child dimension.
  • New options for SSL encrypted connections: The connection options for a selection of data sources have been extended to include encryption settings. The data sources concerned are Exasol, Snowflake, Redshift, Google BigQuery, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and  PostgreSQL.


  • Added a new "Copy Value" option from the context menu of visuals in Discovery and Present, allowing the copying of grid row and column labels into the clipboard.

Items fixed


  • Fixed an issue where Work Week created by Time Intelligence showed an incorrect value
  • Fixed an issue where changing the display name of a column in a model using the Data Catalog did not work
  • Fixed an issue where a Non-admin Professional could not connect to SharePoint Lists
  • Fixed a case sensitivity issue where a Permission Denied message appeared when trying to create a new database with a name that is the same as an existing DB name but with a different case capitalization
  • Fixed an issue that was causing long processing time for the direct query to Oracle
  • Fixed an issue where an Excel file that was added from a URL did not show any tables
  • Fixed an issue where column headers didn't change the order in the preview after reordering columns
  • Fixed an issue where DateFormat failed for an Oracle date value
  • Fixed an issue where a user didn't have access to a SharePoint DB but was still able to view it as a Source
  • Fixed an issue that was causing heuristics to disappear when the 'Auto Relationship' type was changed



  • Fixed an issue where Eliminations in BW did not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue where a parameter in a SAP BW Query contained an incorrect operator type
  • Fixed an issue where using a table that was created as a Custom Query on a Direct Query Oracle model fails in Discovery
  • Fixed a scenario where a query ran automatically, although AutoRun was off
  • Fixed a member security issue that caused a "There was an error running this query" error when running a report
  • Several optimizations for query performance:
    • better handling of current member/previous member queries
    • smarter join construction
    • better handling of security filters


  • Fixed an issue where a KPI appears as a red chip when an Enterprise Admin opens a report from the Private Content of a different user
  • Fixed an issue where data labels were appearing incorrectly in a Column/Bar chart with negative values
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Y-Axis Digit format in the Formatting Panel for a Stacked Chart did not work
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Hex color of a row to a color that already exists changes the color to white
  • Fixed an issue where Cube Actions did not appear in the Action menu of a Map chart
  • Fixed an issue where selecting any of the measures on the stacked bar only selected the first bottom one
  • Fixed an issue where a long URL in a grid increased the grid cell height
  • Fixed an issue where a tooltip of a line chart incorrectly showed data of the first item on the X axis
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a specific value on the X axis did not highlight the relevant bar in a Bar Chart
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking to add any Action under the Jump action in the Action Panel caused an error
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Color formatting of the first measure in a '100% stacked bar chart didn't work as expected
  • Fixed an issue where long member names in Actions were truncated
  • Fixed an issue where map data appeared in the wrong location when Windows Scale & Layout was set to 150%
  • Removed the 10 billion value limitation for scale bounds in a chart


  • Fixed an issue where a dropdown in the "Define Model Parameter" window had blocked the search field when the screen resolution was set to 1280x720
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip that was appearing when hovering over the "Background color" button in a Publication
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a browser crash while editing a dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where maximizing a report that was opened from an Action caused the report slicers selections to revert to default
  • Fixed an issue where using Analyze further from a Presentation URL, the report opened in the Dark Interface
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking a Jump to slide action caused interaction issues
  • Fixed an issue where copying/pasting slicers between Presentations and deleting the source Presentation broke the slicer in the destination
  • Fixed an issue where a named set disappeared from the "Jump to Tab" section in the Action panel
  • Fixed an issue where a tooltip did not display in the correct position
  • Fixed an issue where a Jump to Tab action to the Default tab had failed
  • Fixed a cross-model mapping issue that was causing errors in a presentation
  • Fixed an issue where items that were placed in the Content master page of a Present and were set to “bring to front”, covered the items placed in the slides when printing
  • Fixed an issue where clicking an item on a chart didn't highlight the correct item in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where a Date Calendar slicer wasn't injected into a click Action, causing the target Date slicer to load endlessly 
  • Fixed an issue where the Navigation Tabs lost their formatting after changing the font to bold
  • Fixed an issue where a report that was opened by a Jump to Content Item action was filtered incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where a presentation that was opened directly into runtime failed to render an element when using a BW data source with predefined parameters
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the cross-model mapping validation to fail, although the model mapping was correct and working


  • Fixed an issue where a subscription did not run for the first Monday of the first week of the month
  • Fixed an issue where a scheduled publication output to PPT/PDF had the file name appearing on the top left corner of the output of every page
  • Added the option to prevent failed schedule alerts to be sent out to all admins
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Settings was unavailable for existing schedules
  • Fixed an issue where placeholders in publications were causing duplicate items to appear in the TOC
  • Fixed an issue where placeholders did not appear correctly in the TOC
  • Fixed an issue where text borders did not appear when exporting Publications to PowerPoint
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Merge Common Cells' option didn't work for a Subscription that was created from the CMS


  • Fixed an issue where the NumberBillions, NumberMillions, and NumberThousands formats in a Formula were using a single quote instead of a double quote

Content Management

  •  Fixed an issue where a Domain Admin was unable to access older versions of content in Versioning
  • Fixed an issue where Maintain Folder Structure did not work as expected when importing a Discovery pie file which uses calculations in nested folders
  • Fixed an issue that was causing users' folders in Team Member Content to be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where an interaction in a Present changed from Auto Destination to a parameter after copying a folder with the present from a Public folder to another tenant's public folder
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to save content
  • Fixed an issue where a Viewer user couldn't access a public folder via a direct link
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on Propagate roles in a public folder had failed with an error "Request Error - Can't run select query…"
  • Added an alert message for cases where a calculation in a folder could get duplicated on import when using the replace option


  • Fixed an issue where printing a Discovery to Excel failed with a '"String.isEmpty()" because "elementTitle" is null' error
  • Fixed an issue where changing the range of a Range Slider in a Present and printing it printed the default range


  • Removed the test user name, from the connection string configuration to SAP BW, for a clearer UI experience
  • Fixed the Impersonate functionality
  • Fixed an issue where Filter Table Name in Attribute Security didn't work after renaming the table in the Model
  • Fixed an issue where after changing a username in AD and running  provisioning, the ad_account in Pyramid did not change
  • Fixed an issue where a user that had a Profile that allows Model only got a blank screen after login
  • Fixed an issue where existing snapshot entries in the Task Manager changed to a "Cancelled" status after disabling Image Snapshots
  • Fixed an issue where email configuration had failed an IllegalBlockSizeException error
  • Added a new editable Proxy Account field under Edit User
  • Improved password security when using Custom Connectors
  • Fixed an issue where a DB was not deleted after clicking the delete button
  • Fixed an issue where Propagate Roles failed with a "databaseNode" is null error


  • Fixed an issue where API2/dataSources/getAllConnectionStrings failed when there were more than 2100 models on the server
  • Fixed an issue where /API2/access/getUser returned an incorrect last login time
  • Fixed an issue where /API2/access/getUserLastLogin did not work
  • Fixed An issue where /API2/query/getParameterElements returned an error
  • Fixed an issue where /API2/content/findContentItem showed all folders that have the content instead of only the specified folder


  • Upgraded the Apache Common Text version to 1.10
  • Fixed an issue where the Master Router could not find an Active RTE when RTE port got changed
  • Fixed incorrect root_folder_type in the transactionView
  • Fixed an issue where in a direct query from a SQL server source, Pyramid converted the varchar column type to nvarchar
  • Fixed an incorrect syntax for NumberBillions, NumberMillions, and NumberThousands in the online help
  • Fixed a German localization error for hierarchy level type
  • Online help improvements



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