Pyramid 2020.14 Released

Pyramid 2020.14 has been released and includes a small collection of key fixes.


The main installer files can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer Portal.

Upgrade Guidance

Main Installation guidance can be found here.

  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.


Pyramid 2020.14 includes numerous key upgrades and fixes to existing capabilities.
As such, Pyramid strongly recommends that the new release is tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied. 

New Features

  • Funnel charts - multi-measure support added
  • New option in SAP BW Parameter selection to user 'master data' as opposed to 'Info Provider' data only.
  • Upgraded the Embed APIs for React and Angular frameworks
  • This version includes changes for 'Preview 2' for Kubernetes deployment of Pyramid.



  • Fixed an issue to enable a model to open the flow with the summarize node
  • Fixed an issue where the ODBC data source failed to connect to Pervasive SQL
  • Fixed an issue with the OData date fields
  • Fixed an issue when connecting to Synapse DB, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, it was trying to connect to the master DB
  • Fixed an issue where using Unpivot resulted in unexpected behavior in Discovery
  • Added the ability to set escape character as a delimiter when connecting to a text data source


  • Queries:
    • Fixed an issue where using the "Exact" filter with text global parameter threw an error
    • Fixed an issue related to sorting in a specific scenario
    • Handled errors better when using an invalid forecast script
    • Added support for Median Aggregation on redshift data source
  • Visuals:
    • Fixed an issue where hovering an area chart  showed only the first data point in the tooltip
    • Fixed Incorrect position of columns when using a chart with both a Column and Area chart
    • Fixed an issue where Hebrew Column headers were shown mirrored  in a Tabular grid when using the Hebrew UI language
    • Fixed grid alignment issue when using nested attributes while using the Hebrew UI language


  • Fixed an issue where an interaction between a filter and a visual did not work in the initial load of the slide
  • Fixed an issue where a folder that contains Parameters only showed as empty in the Content panel
  • Fixed an issue where a JavaScript jump action did not work when the present was accessed via a direct link


  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Distribution did not work when publishing to the Bulletin board

Content Management

  • Improved performance when saving content
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Structure Analyzer not to work properly.


  • Blocked the 'Analyze Further' shown in embed for a viewer licensed users


  • Fixed an issue occurring when trying to use auto-provisioning
  • Fixed an issue where schedules didn't appear on the Schedules menu in the admin console


  • Fixed an issue with the Add User API



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