Pyramid 2020.26 Released

Pyramid 2020.26 (Service Pack 6 for 2020.20) has been released. It includes a collection of fixes for bugs and issues and improvements.


Installation & Upgrade Guidance

  • Main Installation guidance can be found here.
  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.


Pyramid 2020.26 includes changes to existing capabilities. It builds on other changes made since the last major release (2020.20). Please consult the notes for all versions from 2020.20 onwards on this forum to understand the impact on your deployment.

As such, Pyramid recommends that the new release be tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied. 

Further, a database repository backup should be made before upgrading any production systems and repositories.


  • The processing of Active Directory User Group synchronization has been updated for improved performance. New settings to control this operation have been added to the admin console.
  • The processing of metadata structures from SAP HANA data sources has been refactored for faster results on slow-performing HANA implementations.
  • Improved status tracking for tasks in the admin console.
  • New model-related APIs were added for managing model security and hierarchy overlays.
  • A new accessibility guide was added to help, including a new version of the self-assessed "Accessibility Conformance Report" for 2022. 

Items fixed


  • Fixed an issue where using Auto Detect in an R node had failed
  • Fixed an issue where a long text datatype from MySQL was converted to a string
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use an Excel file in an Azure Blob data source
  • Fixed an issue where the timestamp in the model Progress tab did not match Local Server Time when using an Oracle repository
  • Fixed an issue that caused some links to be removed from the data flow after replacing the source files
  • Fixed an issue where Date/Time fields from SharePoint lists did not populate in the data model


  • Queries

    • Fixed an issue where users could not use the Elimination Wizard to bring back a member that was eliminated by right-clicking it in the grid and selecting Member Selection > Eliminate
    • Fixed an issue where a report that was copied from Workgroup to Public failed to run after upgrading to 2020.25
    • Fixed an issue where calculated measures in SSAS were sorted incorrectly in a report
    • Fixed a blank screen issue after adding a second filter in the Filter Wizard
    • Fixed an issue where NA appeared in a grid when using +- in a Unary operator column
    • Fixed an issue where the unzip process of a SAP BW query did not complete
    • Fixed an issue where the "The following parameter has no input" message appeared when adding a parameter used in a cascade logic into a drop zone
    • Fixed an issue where a Parent Child Hierarchy was used in a SQL query, although it was not added to the report, and there was no measure
  • Visuals

    • Fixed an issue where KPIs did not show the Target label when the Target label and Value label had the same value
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on a link icon in a Grid did not open the link in a specific scenario
    • Fixed an issue where a Query Error message appeared in a report when using a Parent-Child hierarchy that had a value that didn't appear in the Child column
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Components tab after opening a Discovery caused the report to crash when Auto Run was disabled
    • Fixed an issue where a wide grid did not have a horizontal scroll bar on Firefox


  • Fixed an issue where the Slicer text color was changed from white to grey after an upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use the interaction picker to see interactions of an image located under a dynamic element
  • Fixed an issue where Highlight interaction did not work for discovers that have the same attribute as slicers
  • Fixed an issue where a jump to slide action had failed with a "PQL Syntax error: no viable alternative at input" error
  • Fixed an issue where a Dynamic Text in the content page of a Present caused an error message to appear in the Print & Export summary window, although the content printed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where selecting Me and Descendants from the context menu of a multi-select tree filter resulted in an error on the screen, although the filter selection was applied
  • Fixed an issue where an element failed to render in a Present that was opened from a URL
  • Fixed an issue where if data interaction was enabled between two items, it was impossible to perform a reset
  • Fixed an issue where a Present could not be opened after changing the data source to one with different member names and running Analyze Structure
  • Fixed a Tree slicer issue that was causing slowness when opening a present and moving between slides
  • Fixed an issue where a tree filter that was used in more than one slide didn't work as expected in other slides if the initial selection was set to "first member"
  • Fixed unexpected filter behavior when selecting all items in a filter based on a BW source
  • Fixed an issue where the Display option & Show Granularity settings in a Calendar filter did not save
  • Fixed an issue where a Jump to Content Item action failed when jumping to a report with a parameter


  • Fixed an issue where Ignore Styling for a subscribed report did not work
  • Fixed an issue where some data was missing and cut off from a Flow Visual Flat Grid that is using Wrap Text in a publication
  • Fixed an issue where Show title and merge common cells did not work in subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue where a publication output was filtered incorrectly after making a filter selection in a scheduled publication based on a Hebrew Tabular Model
  • Fixed an issue where Hebrew characters in a title of a publication email appeared as question marks
  • Fixed an issue where /n appeared in empty lines on the cover page of a publication that was printed to a PDF
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic distribution via email with Hebrew member names had failed
  • Fixed an issue where turning off Bulletin Board in a Schedule did not remove it from the Bulletin Board list


  • Fixed an issue where nested "If" statements returned inconsistent results
  • Fixed an issue where AddDays() failed with a "Compilation of calculation failed" error

Content Management

  • Fixed an issue where Caption and Format properties 'For Report' were not saved when importing to another environment or after upgrade in the same environment
  • Fixed an issue where, when migrating a folder while "bring related content" is off, nested calculations from other folders and one-off calculations were not being exported
  • Fixed an issue where the Recent items did not show all recent content items as expected
  • Fixed an issue where Analyze Structure showed incorrect items in the Alternative list
  • Fixed an issue where opening items in the bulletin board had failed with a "Can't run select query…" error when using an Oracle repository


  • Fixed an issue where a print to Excel failed in a report where the same measures appear in the Values and Color drop-zones
  • Fixed an issue where a diced report that was printed from Embed was filtered incorrectly


  • Fixed an issue where Impersonate was not functional after upgrading to 2020.25
  • Fixed an issue where after a user was created for an OpenID-enabled environment, it was not possible to update its username
  • Fixed an issue where checking the "Disable the Show Details action" checkbox for a model was not saved
  • Fixed an issue where the Role search was case sensitive
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not change the time interval of a user group cache schedule when provisioning was not set up
  • Removed BW properties from the Level Overlay list in Model Settings
  • Fixed an issue where the OLAP Language setting in User Defaults did not apply to new reports
  • Fixed an issue where the Active Directory Group Caching task ran for too long without timing out
  • Fixed an issue where a blank screen appeared on the Web Service page when using an Oracle DB
  • Fixed an issue where a Domain Administrator could not enable disabled users
  • Fixed an issue where the username column was Null in the Transaction Logs when exporting it to Excel


  • Fixed an issue where adding member security to a model using Rest API caused the model security UI to crash
  • Fixed an issue where /API2/access/getLicenseCount returned a response with a bad format
  • Fixed an issue where an unclear error message appeared when running the Data Source Changer using the API, and the connection string did not exist
  • Fixed an issue where /API2/dataSources/addHierarchySecurityToModel did not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue where disabling users with /api2/access/toggleEnableUser did not release the license seat


  • Issues with iOS16 for the iPhone have been addressed. A new version of the iPhone mobile app will be available for download from the app store.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Runtime service to not process queries following a service restart
  • Fixed a Custom Workflow issue where the onSave event was not trigged when clicking on Apply
  • Fixed an issue where after a new installation, registering a new user failed on the New Trial page
  • Fixed an issue where users got an error message after logging in if the license was expired
  • Made some online help improvements
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the iOS app to crash when connecting



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