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BI Office Converter RTM Released

The new release of the BI Office converter (build marks the first RTM version of the tool. The tool improves on the original beta, with a variety of UI and logical improvements as well as numerous bug fixes based on customer feedback.



This version of the BI Office converter only works with Pyramid 2018 release 5.2 (build 2018.05.425 or later). Like the beta, it will work with BI Office Version 6.0 onwards. 


  1. If you have installed the beta release of the converter, fully uninstall this first.
  2. Download the new converter bits from the BI Office customer portal.
  3. Install the product with administrative rights.


This version of the converter, like the beta, requires administrative rights to run.

Issues Addressed

Set Up

  • Users will now get a clearer error message when trying to connect to an older version of Pyramid.
  • When changing the BI Office source in the converter tool, the previews domain settings where kept.
  • Added support for case insensitive in Data sources names.


  • A fix has been applied to prevent BI Office administrators to be converted to Pyramid 2018 as non admins.
  • Fixed an issue where users are sometimes converted into an incorrect domain.
  • Corrected an issue where converting a user marked the user's content folder as converted as well.
  • When converting content and the user is not in the user list of Pyramid, it was always converting the user as non admin.
  • Issues when adding a user with a similar name to an existing one.


  • When changing the destination, the tenants were not being updated.


  • Folder objects now show Created By.
  • A case where books weren't marked as converted.
  • When converting content after a search, the parent folder wasn't visible, hence the content was missing from the content tree.
  • Fixed an issue where word cloud failed to convert.
  • Fixed an issue where a 'text component' in a report failed to convert.


  • Converting a Discovery with slicers in the Pane will no longer fail with a "Slicer not supported" message.
  • General error related to slicer component.
  • Improved cascading slicers conversion.
  • Multiple reloads on open of a converted report due to multiple slicers.


  • Fixes various  CM/CS conversion issues.
  • Fixed an issue where calculations fail with "unexpected character encountered while parsing value:<.Path ", line 0, Position 0.”
  • Fixed an issue were the content tree wasn't showing specific calculations.
  • Improved handling when using a custom measure that is based on another customer measure.
  • Calculated member wasn't converted when used in a slicer.
  • Empty results when nested measure where used.


  • Corrected an issue where a measure parameter was converted with a capital M in the parameter ID causing it to fail in Pyramid 2018.
  • Corrected an issue where running the DSC on a converted report with a measure parameter will show the measure parameter in a Conflict status.
  • Members inside a parameter weren't converted.


  • Failed report due to text variable that was partially displayed.
  • Render error when 'variable text' was used in filters.
  • List issue after converting a report with a Variable set.


  • Fixed an issue where conversion of a report failed with a 'KeyNotFound' error.
  • Fixed a case of a discovery that can't be open - MDX format exception.


  • Target in gauges didn't get converted.
  • Fixed several KPI/Gauges issues.


  • Map chart that display render error in the filters.


  • Added the converter version number at the bottom right of the converter.
  • Fixed an issue where Using the Back button from “progress page” didn't take you back to where you were.
  • Fixed a slow performance issue for converted content.
  • After converting, items were enumerated incorrectly.
  • Improved stability of the Show Converted/Unconverted Items options in the Display Options dropdown.
  • Improved search box usability.
  • Improved UI in the conversion process progress.
  • Fixed an issue were refresh wasn't collapsing the tree.
  • Corrected an issue where clicking back from results to the tree, the filter with unconverted items was showing incorrect content.
  • The hide converted items option was hiding converted folder which contains unconverted items.

Purge Utility

  • Improved the Display Options dropdown filter under Purge Content to correctly show/hide deleted content.
  • Fixed an issue where the Purge report summary is showing inaccurate data.
  • Purging a single item within a folder will no longer remove the folder.
  • Tooltip was added to provide more clarity regarding the Purge Deleted Items.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Is Deleted' column, could only be Filtered by False.
  • When a Purge fails, the converter will now show the error details.
  • The Purge Disposal List now includes only CMCS.
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