Pyramid 2023.12 Released

Pyramid 2023.12, a service pack for Pyramid 2023, has been released. It primarily includes fixes with a few small features. It also includes support for newer operating systems. 

  • The main installer files and client SDKs can be downloaded from the Customer Portal
  • Docker containers have been upgraded for Kubernetes deployments.
  • Upgraded Embed API libraries can be downloaded from NPM.
  • Main Installation guidance can be found here.
  • Help for upgrades can be found here.
  • Help on how to test an upgrade before deployment can be found here.
  • Help for Kubernetes deployments can be found here.

Pyramid 2023.12 includes a number of changes to existing capabilities. As such, Pyramid recommends that the new release be tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied.

Further, a database repository backup should be made before upgrading any production systems and repositories.

Technology: Additions and Deprecations

 Repository Databases

Pyramid 2023.12 will be the last Pyramid release to support these versions of databases for the Pyramid repository.

  • SQL Server 2012
  • PostgreSQL 11
  • Oracle 10c

Note, that this does NOT apply to using these database versions as an analytic data source. 

 Operating Systems

Pyramid 2023.12 now provides support for newer versions of various operating systems:

  • RedHat 9 Linux
  • Oracle 9 Linux
  • Amazon 2023 Linux

Pyramid 2023.12 will be the last version of Pyramid to support Windows Server 2012. 

Support for these operating systems will be ending in the near future as well:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • CentOS 7
  • Ubuntu 16 and 18

Customers should start planning now to migrate any Pyramid instance running on these operating systems to newer editions.

For further details, please see the posting Discontinued support for EOL operating systems and databases 2024 in the Product Knowledgebase Forum.

 New Capabilities and Upgrades


Pyramid 2023.12 is primarily a maintenance release for the 2023 "Archimedes" release series. However, there a few new features and upgrades. 

  • Gen-BI Enhancements: Ability to add dynamic text tooltip for slide insights into Present slide. This speeds up the page loading by only populating the Slide Insights only when the tooltip is triggered. See help for more. 
  • Model Data Sources: Google Drive is now supported as a Source and Target for Model Data Flows.
  • Present Panels: Updated interface for Panel formatting, making it easier and more intuitive to use inline with other formatting options. See help for more.
  • OData: Updated framework (and UI) for accessing OData endpoints to authenticate with web tokens in Excel or Power BI. See help for more.
  • White labeling option: New option for user defined icons in Webhooks for Teams or Slack. See help for more. 
  • Upgraded Excel Publications: Excel workbook tabs will now incorporate slicer values into their names when they are used in page repeaters. See Community Forum here and here, or see help for more.
  • Conditional Publication Distributions: New option to limit auto-distribution to "Completely Successful" publications only. See Community Forum. See help for more.
  • Present Slicer Unlinking: Added the ability to unlink a slicer from its parent Discover to enable editing of the slicer elements. See Community Forum.  See help for more.

 Items Fixed



  • Fixed an issue where a decimal measure erroneously appeared as an integer in Discover following the addition of a date range to the underlying model
  • Fixed an issue where Sort Descending did not work with sort-by column
  • Fixed an issue where the Gen-AI nodes in the Data Flow ignored a custom New Column Name
  • Fixed an issue where a Database Query variable reverted to the first item in the Database dropdown after saving
  • Fixed an issue where an Unsigned Int column was converted to String when using an Oracle source
  • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to use S3 buckets containing a "." (period) in the name as model Source
  • Fixed an issue where the page became unresponsive after selecting a source database that had a very large number of tables
  • Fixed an issue causing slow loading times in the Model page of a Direct Query
  • Fixed inaccurate aggregation of Decimal type values with multiple digits after the decimal point in IMDB models
  • Added a Process Timeout setting for the Execute Process node in the Master Flow
  • Fixed an issue where previewing the tables of a large Excel file when utilizing Named Ranges & Tables was causing instability in the Runtime Engine
  • Fixed an issue where source tables in the data flow were de-selected after exporting and importing the Model file from one environment to another
  • Fixed an issue where the LLM General node failed with a NullPointerException if there was a Null value in the selected column



  • Fixed an issue where members in a Parent-Child Hierarchy were sorted incorrectly in the selection tree
  • Improved error messages when using wrong parameters in the 'hasdatapoints' function
  • Fixed an issue where a query failed with a "dimension attribute was not found" error
  • Fixed an issue where "Show Key & Text" displayed leading zeros in the Key in a Discovery created with a SAP BW data source
  • Fixed an issue where a report with a Parent-Child Hierarchy was filtered incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where a report that was using a Rank calculation had failed after switching from Metrix to Tabular
  • Fixed an issue where an empty member (--) was removed from a multi-select filter after saving the report
  • Added the options for top-down and bottom-up totals for SQL
  • Fixed inconsistent Grand Totals results of a First Child/Last Child measure 


  • Fixed an issue where the X-axis label location in a Scatter plot did not match the value
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a legend item in a Line chart failed to gray out the other lines
  • Fixed an issue where Bar chart data labels were cut off
  • Fixed an issue where the dimension description did not appear when hovering over the dimension in the Discovery Dimension panel
  • Fixed an issue where Wrap Text added a redundant additional space in Grid rows
  • Fixed an issue where the size of the dimension properties description tooltip was too small
  • Fixed an issue where the first category label of the x-axis was out of center after changing the chart category padding
  • Improved performance for opening and printing a Discovery with a Tabular Grid
  • Added a spinner to indicate when the query runs after making a selection in a pre-query filter when using an embedded discovery


  • Fixed an issue where Data from a tabulation was not seen in a Presentation
  • Fixed an issue where a line appeared above a Buttons filter when Clean style was applied
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled slicer in a Presentation was enabled in Analyze Further
  • Fixed an issue where changing the initial selection of a slicer had failed in a case where that slicer had highlight interaction configured from another slicer
  • Fixed an issue where a Cascading filter failed with a "Feature not supported: correlations in where-clause of a group-by-select" error when using an Exasol data source
  • Fixed a role access issue that occurred after clicking on re-run queries
  • Fixed an issue where Analyze further didn't respect the manual query execution setting
  • Fixed an issue where the Undo button failed to reverse interactions from a visual element to a placeholder
  • Fixed an issue where changing the rotation of a line shape didn't update the X and Y positions accordingly
  • Fixed an issue where content in mini tabs showed no values in the second tab when filtered by a measure filter
  • Fixed an issue where the slicer selection order affected the query results
  • Fixed an issue where an empty column in a Tabulation visual area was not displayed correctly in a Presentation
  • Fixed an issue where deleted content still appeared under Used Content and the Interaction Manager


  • Fixed an issue where adding a formula to Favorites failed to save properly
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to complete a formula criteria after switching between sheets
  • Fixed an issue where a Discovery grid with top totals was imported incorrectly into a Tabulation
  • Fixed an issue where a Data function that was using string values produced an error
  • Fixed an issue where indicators were incorrectly applied to all members after a slicer change 


  • Fixed an issue where a role marked as hidden was available on the Subscription Distribution screen
  • Fixed an issue where a publication containing a page repeater was not correctly printed to Excel 


  • Fixed an issue where OLAP and Tabular servers were visible when creating a new Calculated Column Logic
  • Fixed an issue where a formula with a Dynamic Caption sometimes appeared with the formula caption in a grid 


  • Fixed a role access issue related to a measure that was used in an illustration 

Content Management

  • Fixed an issue where using Drag and Drop to move a folder with many items resulted in a timeout.
  • Fixed an issue where the Structure Analyzer continued to alert about previously resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue wherein exporting or employing copy/deep paste functionality with a large group of content items resulted in an "update conflict" error.
  • Fixed an issue where Analyze Structure failed with 502 and Runtime errors
  • Fixed an issue where running the Data Source Changer on a migrated folder had failed with a 3008 error
  • Fixed an issue where presentation slide modifications were not updated visually in the Content Management preview
  • Fixed an issue where a scroll bar was missing from the "affected items" list in the Data Source Changer 


  • Fixed an issue where printing failed with a NullPointerException error
  • Fixed an issue where a Publication failed to print due to a Table of Content error
  • Fixed an issue where a line was missing from the grid in a Discovery that was exported to an A4 PDF
  • Fixed an issue where a missing slicer caused the Present print to fail
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect header text appeared for measures in a gird that was exported to Excel
  • Fixed an issue where Bullet Point Lists were formatted incorrectly when exporting to PowerPoint
  • Fixed an issue where a presentation print to Excel had failed with a "The workbook already contains a sheet named..." error
  • Fixed an issue where the exported master page of a Present/Publication to PowerPoint defaulted to A5 despite selecting A4 Page Type
  • Fixed an issue where an Extra blank page was added to a publication with a page repeater
  • Improved printing performance 


  • Fixed an issue where the "Login help link" did not work when using Windows Authentication
  • Fixed an issue where the Schedule Name column filter dialogue in the Task Manager no longer showed the schedules that have run
  • Fixed an issue where the System Details were showing a wrong memory count on Azure VMs
  • Fixed an issue where licenses were unassigned from tenants after an upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't be added despite having available license seats 
  • Extended username size from a 50-character limit to 150 characters
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin Hub intermittently showed a negative number for active requests on the NLP service

Other Items


  • The linkback URL is now encrypted

  • The latest critical vulnerabilities in 3rd party components have been addressed


  • Fixed an issue where API2/dataSources/updateSourceNodeConnection did not work for SQL script nodes in the master flow of a Model
  • Fixed an issue where validateMasterFlow did not show an error when the model is a direct query
  • API3 (still in beta) and its related client SDKs has been adjusted further to make the new API system more stable and easier to user


  • Fixed an issue where an error message erroneously appeared during the upgrade of the second server in a multi-installation setup, despite the upgrade being successful
  • Fixed an issue where a Kubernetes deployment of Pyramid allowed a hyphen in the DB name which was not accepted by the Pyramid installer
  • Fixed an issue where installing Pyramid with a SQL 2012 repository had failed
  • Fixed an issue where embedding content using Angular 17 had failed
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the expand icon in a dashboard didn't open the discovery in full-screen view in the mobile application
  • Fixed an issue where maps failed to load within embedded content under specific circumstances 
  • Fixed incorrect Hebrew translation of attribute Type "State"
  • When running an LLM query, Pyramid will now show a clear message in case the request is too large for the language model to handle 
  • Upgraded Help
  • Replaced several vulnerable 3rd party libraries



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