Pyramid 2020.12 (2020.10 + SP2) Released

Pyramid 2020.10 service pack 2 - version 2020.12  - has been released and includes a collection of fixes and improvements.



Pyramid 2020.12 includes upgrades and fixes to existing capabilities.
As such, Pyramid strongly recommends that the new release is tested on a duplicate version of an existing content database repository before any production upgrades are applied.

New features


  • Added an option to change the default destination date/time/date-time format, due to an issue where seconds were not displayed in Date-time members
  • New options in the relationship diagram to more easily see join lines. Also, improved graphics for join types and join directions (between dimension and fact tables).

Bulletin board

  • Added an option for admins to see all run scheduled models


  • Added new Chord diagram in Custom Visual Marketplace

Discover / Query

  • New PQL functions:
    • Switch, NotEqual, Tostring , DateToTimestamp, TimestampToDate
  • Discovery Lite ribbon - Added button to show/hide the grid lines


  • Added an option for admins to purge all deleted items by date, user(s) etc
  • Added new option to connect to SAP BW Message Server (Beta)


Items fixed


  • Improved error handling in the master flow logic
  • Fixed an issue where Shallow Neural-Network Model Node didn't work when Pyramid run on Linux
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when running a certain query that contained an array on AWS Athena
  • Fixed an issue when using duplicated Python scripts where created columns had the same column ID
  • It's now possible to add a server in the SQL Script node of the Master Flow


  • Fixed an issue where a report get stuck when you change the filter
  • Fixed an issue wherein RTL changing the grid column width wasn't working
  • Fixed an issue where a hidden field from the model was visible in the discovery
  • Fixed an issue where the app was hanging after eliminating a formulation from a report that was opened with a link or an action
  • Fixed a black screen issue caused when changing from a Date slicer to a dropdown slicer and opening the advanced options
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect level icons appeared for levels of a non-aggregated hierarchy in the dimensions tree
  • Fixed an issue where the Apply button was missing from the Define Model Parameters window when creating a new Discover and using a low-resolution screen
  • Fixed an issue where there was no indication of the currently selected grid Alignment setting
  • Fixed an issue where the Member Search on a Drill Path Hierarchy had failed


  • Fixed an issue when adding a date filter that contained a large number of members
  • Fixed an issue where a report with N of N failed with a "Can't run the given query" error when the query returned no results
  • Fixed a sorting issue related to OLAP order type
  • Fixed an issue where Named sets in an ordered query were missing the subset elements


  • Fixed an issue where the Bubble Map Chart placed Cities wrong
  • Fixed an issue where a slicer selection contained a NULL value and caused the connected chart to fail, resulting in a Black screen
  • Fixed an issue where the "Start New Conversation" did not appear for particular bars in a column chart
  • Fixed an issue where the error "Cannot read property 'datapoint' of undefined" was appearing when a regression line was used


  • Fixed an issue when Jump to slide wasn't working when the slicer had 'All' selected
  • Fixed an issue when Jump to a content item failed when the source query had filters with 'All' selections (scripted custom set)
  • Fixed a Black screen issue that occurred when using a cube action in a presentation
  • Fixed an issue where a Theme change is not applied to a present in the first run
  • Fixed an issue where Interactions stopped working following the upgrade to 2020.11.025
  • Fixed an issue where interaction was throwing an error related to parameter
  • Fixed an issue in the cross highlight interactions (single click interaction)
  • Fixed an issue in the advanced cross model SQL hierarchy where the first and last characters of the members were truncated
  • Fixed an issue where Measure Parameters were not displayed with their correct name in the grid


  • Fixed an issue with the Table of content vertical alignment
  • Fixed an issue where a publication failed to run after deleting its report trigger


  • Fixed an issue where the measure name in a formulation Preview was Incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where a refresh was required in order to see a calculation that was just made shareable


  • Fixed an issue when selecting multiple info-graphics with the CTRL key caused all other elements to be deselected

Content Management

  • Removed the Save option in a report opened by 'Analyze Further' when using a direct link
  • Fixed an issue where saving a report in Analyze Further had failed
  • Fixed an issue where content snapshots got deleted after paste


  • Fixed an issue where export to Excel failed if a page contained a chart


  • Fixed an issue where Settings > Cache size could not be set to zero
  • Fixed an issue where after adding a mobile device manually, the save option wasn't enabled
  • Added the missing region eu-west-2 (London) when using Amazon Athena data source
  • Fixed an issue where preforming Analyze Structure on an item didn't get logged in the Audit Trail
  • Added a scroll bar to the Scripting Environments edit panel


  • Fixed an issue where In the Bulletin Board, 'Read' Model jobs and publication jobs remained marked as 'Unread'
  • Added Support for "CMD + Click" when running Pyramid in a Mac
  • Several fixes to the Tutorials
  • Fixed an issue where Python failed to upgrade when upgrading the product



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