PYRAMID 2018.02 - February 2018 Release

The February release of Pyramid brings a list of several new features and functional upgrades, designed to make Pyramid’s Analytics OS the leading solution for customers wishing to deploy a comprehensive, end-user driven data analytics platform.



CDOs: New data connectors to leverage your existing investments in SAP Hana or the ability to directly query unstructured data in MongoDb without duplicating it into another data stack; new Linux installation options to match your hardened enterprise deployment strategy or your cloud hosting environment;

Developers & Business Users: Use SAP Hana views directly without any modeling or manipulation for immediate analytics. Utilize the MongoDb connector to directly query unstructured data without needing to write complex scripts or structuring processes.

Citizen Data Scientists: New machine learning algorithms; use of R and Python in Linux environments.



SAP HANA: New support for SAP Hana with a variety of capabilities that include the ability to DIRECTLY query Hana databases and Hana ‘views’ natively without needing to import them into an alternative data stack or BI engine.
This extends to building Pyramid models on one or more Hana views and data with direct querying options as well.
Alternatively, Hana data can be ingested into mash-ups for other models like all other data sources.

MONGO DB: New support for MongoDb includes the ability to DIRECTLY query unstructured data without needing to ingest it into a structured data stack or alternative BI engine.
The capability allows users to model and apply all of Pyramid’s analytic functionality on top of a Mongo database directly. Alternatively, data can be ingested into mash-ups for other models.

LINUX: New installers for CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions. This includes installers for both the main application and Pulse.


In addition to these features, Pyramid 2018.02 comes with bug fixes and various other enhancements including upgraded documentation - designed to make the product faster, better, easier!


For More information, please view our Pyramid 2018 Online Help
To get the upgrade, please log in to the Pyramid 2018 Customers Portal 






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