Pyramid 2023 "Archimedes" Released

Prescriptive Analytics & Optimization, Business Modeling, and OpenAI integration

Pyramid 2023  - codenamed "Archimedes" - is the next major release of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence platform. It includes over 80 new named features together with numerous functional upgrades, unnamed features, and fixes: all designed to make Pyramid the leading Decision & Business Intelligence Platform in the market  - driving confident insights and decisions around complex business problems and ultimately producing results.

New Version Details

Visit the official release page for Pyramid 2023 for details on the key new functions and capabilities.

  • The version includes over 60 specific customer requested features collected from the forum and other venues. A listing of all the implemented product ideas driven from this forum is available here.
  • A complete detailed list of the new and upgraded named capabilities can be found on the version key features listing page - which includes explanations and links to blogs and demo videos on the most significant new functions. 
  • A separate listing of bug fixes in the version can be found here.


The installer files for Pyramid 2023 can be downloaded from the Pyramid Customer PortalHelp for upgrade installations can be found here.

  • 2023 containers for Kubernetes-based deployments have also been released on Docker and can be downloaded for deployment. 
  • Updates to the Embed APIs for new and upgraded 2023 capabilities have also been posted to NPM.

Ongoing Support for Pyramid 2020

๐Ÿ—‰ A new service pack (2020.28) for the previous major version ("Pyramid 2020") has been released. It contains fixes for customer issues resolved in 2023 that are relevant to 2020.

2020.28 will allow customers to remain with the previous version until they have had time to test and deploy 2023. New service packs for 2020, covering critical bugs, will continue until the end of 2023

Details on 2020.28 can be found here.

Release Notifications

Upgrade Warning

Pyramid 2023 is a MAJOR update to previous versions of the platform. It contains numerous upgrades, adjustments, and fixes to existing capabilities.

As such, Pyramid strongly recommends that you back up the database repository of any current Pyramid instance before attempting any upgrade.

Separately, Pyramid strongly recommends fully testing the new release on a twin of your existing deployment with a duplicate version of your existing production content database repository before any upgrades are applied to production environments.

Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer  11 in 2023

As of Pyramid 2023, support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is deprecated. Customers should use modern HTML5 browsers to consume Pyramid, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. 

Licensing Changes in 2023

Pyramid 2023 now has several new options that can be licensed separately. This includes:

  • The Tabulate and Solve apps
  • "Analyst" and "Basic" user types
  • The "Named Embedding" option
  • Multi-tenancy

Contact sales for details on these new options and capabilities.

Multi-tenancy Licensing Adjustment

As per above, "multitenancy" is now a separately licensed option that controls whether you can create more than one tenant in a Pyramid instance. If you are an existing customer using multitenancy capabilities in Pyramid 2020 or earlier,  you can request an updated license key with the multi-tenancy option enabled for Pyramid 2023 by emailing licensing@pyramidanalytics.com.

  • If you do not use multiple tenants, then you do not need to do anything. 

  • If you use multiple tenants, request a new replacement license key that enables the capability in a Pyramid 2023 instance. Until you apply the new key to the upgraded 2023 instance, your existing multi-tenant structure will remain operational, but you cannot add new tenants or adjust tenant-level settings.
  • There will be no additional charge for existing customers needing the new multi-tenancy license. 



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