Pyramid Data Tip of the Day - AI Driven Forecasts

Video of the Day – AI-Driven Forecasting Captions.

Our video of the day looks at the new AI-driven forecasting captions. 

When setting up advanced forecasting, the forecast caption type gives you the option to enable AI-driven captions. The advantage of using AI-driven captions is that the AI algorithm will generate captions for the forecasted period based on the captions of the previous time periods. The generated captions will match the date type and format of the existing captions.

In the example below, forecasting was added to the line chart, and the captions for the upcoming 6 months were auto-generated according to the existing captions. 

How to add AI-Driven Forecasting Captions

Watch this short video to learn about AI-driven forecasting captions. Click here for more details in our Help Pages.


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