How to filter Results by Values. From Tips & Tricks Vol 6/21

Sneak: How to Filter Results by Values

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How to filter Results by Values

This will allow end users to filter the results of a report by a specific value based on a data item.

  1. Open a report in Discover. To filter, go to the Query ribbon > Filter > Filter to open the filter wizard

  2. Set the parameters in the filter wizard: filter by a specific item, filter type, enter value input, and the measure to base it on and click apply. For this example, it will filter the result set with products that only have over $100,000 in sales

  3. Additionally, you can use a parameter which will allow end users of the report to set the threshold they want to use at run time. To do this, go back to the filter wizard and select “parameterize” > “create a parameter” > and define the parameter > “apply”

  4. In the report, the end user will be able to type in the value they want to filter the results by.

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