How to user the KPI Wizard in Discover. From Tips & Tricks Vol 5/21

Sneak: Quick KPI Wizard in Discover

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How to use the KPI Wizard in Discover

The new Quick KPI Wizard that heuristically adds all the steps needed to build out full KPIs via menu or simple dialog. This new wizard makes the creation of powerful KPI logic quicker and easier through an AI driven engine which can implement an advanced logic for Pyramid users, with just a single click.

  1. Open a report in Discover.

  2. Right Click on the measure directly on the grid, and then > Quick Calc > Quick KPI > Basic.

  3. This will result in an instant KPI with three different bands. The actual, target and status values are built automatically and inserted in the appropriate areas of the dropzones to get the KPI Bands.

  4. Right Click on the orange chip in the “Indicator” section > “Edit Indicator Logic” to see the logic of each band that was assigned.

  5. The result of step 4 will trigger the Conditional Formatting page where we can see details about the Bands chosen automatically, and have the ability to modify the logic as desired.

  6. (Optional): Add additional element in the grid and the KPIs will automatically update.


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