How to use a chart to filter other charts

How to use a chart to filter other charts

In a question in the Q&A Section of the Community we got asked how to interact several charts so that they work as actual filters not just highlighting the value in the connected charts.

Here is the question by : "When I select one of the categories on the chart it filters the overall figures at the top and highlights the selected category in the bottom.  I would like it to filter the multi-line trend and rescale the vertical axis to fit the data.  Is there a setting to accomplish that?"

So how can this accomplished? We will use Interactions to get this done.

Solution: Change Options on Interactions

When you have created an interaction between analytic objects that share the same dimension, the default is to highlight. We will now use another option that is available.

In your main ribbon menu, select "Show Interactions". The canvas will show which analytic objects interact with others using colored arrows. A blue arrow indicates a highlight interaction, the arrow head at each end, that this works in both directions.

Click on the arrow joining the two objects concerned so that it gets thicker to show it is selected and bring up the interaction manager.

The intersection between our objects is highlighted, in my case Prod Cat to Cat by Time. The panel on the right shows the detail for the interaction. As above, where objects share a dimension, the default is to cross highlight. You can also however choose "Sync" to synchronize the two dimensions (for example drilling down on  a hierarchy), or Data, where the interaction will filter the target object with the selection from the source object.

Change the interaction to Data using the radio buttons. Note how the interaction arrow changes color to Yellow, to indicate a Data Interaction in one direction, while the reverse direction is still a blue cross highlight interaction. You can edit and change that as well of course.

Run your Dashboard. Selecting a bar  on the left now filters the trend lines on the right. the chart axes will dynamically change (if set that way in the discover) to optimize for the filtered data.

Added Solution - Show Filter Information

As a follow up, we were asked hot to show the information about the used filter in the target Report title.

Starting the Information is shown in the title; but the font is small not to take too much valuable screen space. But you can edit the font of the breadcrumb trail (the filter values passed across) in the Panel settings. Now you can clearly see the filter used in the Charts.

Thank you  for the Question and  for the Answer




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