How to wrap text in a Cell in Discover. From Tips & Tricks Vol 5/21

Sneak: How to wrap text in a cell

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How to wrap the text in a cell in Discover

Word wrap has been added as a formatting option for all parts of the grid visualization. This option allows end users to include long text items in grid visualizations, extending the core use case for grids from purely analytical capabilities to listings and table-style reporting. 

  1. Open a grid report in Discover
    By default, when you adjust the size of the column the column header wraps automatically, however when you decrease the column size for rows of data by default the data in the row is truncated.
    In order to implement text wrapping go to the new formatting zone and select the rows option and then check the box to Wrap Text.

  2. Component Menu > Format Visual

  3. In Format Visual Menu, select rows, and check the box for “wrap text”

  4. The data now wraps automatically.

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