How to add 'Trellis' to a value drop zone. From Tips & Tricks Vol 1/22

Sneak: How to add 'Trellis' in the Values Drop Zone 

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How to add 'Trellis' to a value drop zone.

A new “trellis” option has been added in the Values Drop Zone allowing users to display each trellised chart as a different chart type. Pyramid lets users display multiple value metrics in a single report, each with its own graphical visualization, providing greater flexibility in displaying analytic content.

Previously, Pyramid had various options to shown different values in the same chart or report, including:

We have added a new option: the ability to use the trellising chart capability with the option to also change chart types per metric via simple, yet sophisticated drop zone tools. This flexibility provides more options for users to better show and understand their data.

  1. Create a bar chart or any other graph

  2. Drag a measure to values>Trellis>Then choose your type of chart

  3. Add additional measures as secondary measures on your bottom chart.

  4. Add additional measures as secondary measures on your bottom chart.

There are many nuances to drawing multi-metric charts. Pyramid supports various approaches through the simplicity of its drag-and-drop drop zone interface. Through this framework, multiple measures with different scales are more easily understood in separate charts with different y-axis ranges, making the analysis easier to read and use, and therefore more impactful.


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