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Sneak: How to add a Range Slider

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How to add a range slider.

The Range Slider increases the readability and usability of dense data sets in Cartesian charts (column, line, area, bar, etc.) to better see values and labels—ultimately improving the quality of the visualization.

  1. To demonstrate this feature, we will use this chart which has many categorical elements on the X-axis, which makes it very difficult to navigate and read.

  2. When reducing the amount of data in the chart is not an option, but seeing the granular details is key, in this case we can simply accomplish by utilizing the “Range Slider” capability which is a simple click/activate feature. It can be enabled from the Component ribbon (or right click in the visualization and click on “Show Range Slider” from the context menu).

  3. The slider indicates which part of the slider to display and the size of the range to display. Move the slide left and right to expand and reduce to view the desired data range.

  4. Use the “Turn Off MiniPreview” to hide the chart preview and frees up space in your visualization, rightclick inside the range slider to activate the context menu. “Hide Range Slider” from the context menu will hide the range slider.

  5. This feature is available in the “Present” mode as well. It can be enabled/disabled by the user on the fly.

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