How to add a Top 10 Filter to a Discover. From Tips & Tricks Vol 3/21

Sneak: How to add and show a Top 10 filter

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How to add a Top 10 Filter to a Discover

In the following scenario we are going to use the sample demo data to create a new Discovery and only show the Top 10 Sub-Categories based on Net Profit.

  1. Click (+) Button at the bottom of Pyramid

  2. Click New Discovery
  3. Choose your data set (For this example we are using the Sample Demo data set)

  4. Click Open

  5. Add Dimensions and Measures to your Discover to build a visual representation of your data.
    (For this example, we added Product SubCategoy and Net Profit)

  6. Drag Net Profit to Filters and choose Top Count (Note: A slider shows up in the upper right hand side of the canvas)
  7. If you wish to change the slider to a text box for manually entry, Click on the 3 little dots to the right of the slide and Choose Settings

  8. Click the drop down arrow next to Advanced Settings and the menu will expand. Your menu should look like the picture on the right:
  9. Click the arrow under Type and choose Text Box
  10. Click OK

  11. You now have a Top 10 text box filter that you can manually adjust

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