How to customize the Breadcrumb Subtitles

How to customize the Breadcrumb Subtitles

Breadcrumbs are little texts displayed in reports and presentations that give the users orientation about the whereabouts of the content of the displayed information, without creating a big overhead. In a recent question on the Community we got asked how to customize these breadcrumbs to show all the filters in the breadcrumb/subtitle. As this might be interesting for more users, here are the instructions in a step by step 'How To'

What should be achieved?

We want to show the values for the four given slicers in the breadcrumb of the discover.

The Breadcrumb that are displayed show all the member selections that are being used in filtering the results in the visual. They are derived from filters in the underlying discovery and from any injected filters from within the presentation. 
By default they are ordered alphabetically by the attribute name to which they belong.  There is an option to show custom text in the subtitle (see below), but currently there is no way to adjust the order of the breadcrumbs.

Replacing Breadcrumbs with Dynamic Text

An alternative approach is to switch off the default Breadcrumbs and replace with Dynamic Text and use Placeholders to collect the information from the Slicers to inject as Dynamic Text. To avoid that all possible Values are pulled into the Breadcrumb there is a simple script where you can manipulate the Value() of the Placeholder

      length(value()) - length(Replace(value(), ",", ""))>3, /*more than 4 members selected*/
      Length(value()) >= 80 /*total text longer then 80*/
      "multiple members",
      "Too long text"

Of course you can change the limits as you wish, or adjust the conditions more properly, the result is
- with 4 elements:

- with 5 elements:





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