How to use the List Builder to create a Word Cloud

How to use the List Builder to create a Word Cloud

Working with the more advanced functionalities of Discover can be seen as daunting, but don’t be afraid. Use the Tips & Tricks series to give you a quick way to learn more about all modules of Pyramid and share the ‘secrets’ of the Platform. It is a good preparation to take the Discover 2023 course on the Pyramid Learning Hub. Additionally we will share all the Datasets and Solutions on our Explore Pyramid Server for you to experiment, understand and re-build the Tips&Tricks before you run them in your production environment.

Word Clouds can become very busy, to reduce the complexity we use a List to filter on certain values and then add other calculations to format and enhance the Visualization. 

In this video we give you a quick insight to List Builder and the use of Word Clouds.

You can find this  example on the Explore Server in the Knowledge Base / discover folder.

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