Tip of the Day - Multiselect Slicer Elements

Our video of the day looks at the new multi-select capabilities for slicers.

Multi-select drop down slicers let you select multiple slicer elements simultaneously and filter the query by those elements. If your slicer contains a lot of elements, manually selecting each element is going to be too time consuming. Instead, you can easily select multiple slicer elements at once using keyboard shortcuts.

For instance, say you have a slicer listing hotel rooms by type – deluxe, suite, presidential, etc – and you want to filter the query by all the rooms that have the phrase “ocean view” in the description. You can simply type “ocean view” in the slicer search, and then use the keyboard shortcuts to highlight and select all the results returned. 

Or maybe you have a slicer that lists medical diagnoses, and you want to filter the query by all diagnoses containing the word “heart”. You can just search “heart” in the slicer, and then select all the results at once.

Choose a range of slicer elements by shift + selecting the range and then hitting the spacebar. Select multiple elements that are not in a range by CTRL + selecting the elements and then hitting the spacebar.

How to use Multi-Select in a Slicer

Watch this short video to learn about multi-select capabilities for slicers. Click here for more details in our Help Pages.

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