Tip of the Day - Custom Totals by Measure

Video of the Day – Custom Totals by Measure

Our video of the day looks at Custom Totals by Measure.

Adding grand totals and sub-totals to your grids provides additional context and information. You can now configure totals by measure, allowing you to show or hide totals by measure and set the aggregate type for each column. 

In a grid with multiple measures, you can enable or disable totals for each measure separately. This is useful when you want to add totals to a grid that contains columns that shouldn’t be totaled; for instance, a column of percentage values like net margin, or a column constructed from a context calculation such as rank or average. 

You can also choose the function type used to calculate totals for each measure. This is useful if you want to view a column’s total value as something other than the aggregate of all its values. For instance, if you’re looking at a column of sales transactions by salesperson, you may prefer to see the average value per transaction for each salesperson rather than the aggregate of all their transactions. In this case, you can simply set the total type to average for the transaction column.

In the grid below, we have Salesperson by Sales filtered by the top 5% (orange highlight below). We also have a percentage of total sales column (green highlight below) that was constructed using a context calculation. I don’t need to see the total for this column as aggregate, because I know it’s 100%. Instead, I set the total type to count, so that I can easily see how many salespeople account for the top 5%. 


Another good way to use this feature is in a sales pipeline analysis, where each opportunity goes through a few stages. For each stage we’ll see the number of opportunities (distinct count), and the average duration. The total for the opportunities will be set to aggregate (to preserve the distinct count), but the average duration will be set to sum, to show the average duration of a deal throughout its stages.

How to add Custom Totals

Watch this short video to learn about setting custom totals by measure. Click here for more details in our Help Pages.

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    Nice video for a very useful feature,!

    I hope you don't mind if I take advantage of the attention and advertise a product idea - namely the possibility of providing more than one total per measure. This would fit perfectly with the extended totals wizard!

    Have a look (and a vote ;-) here: https://community.pyramidanalytics.com/t/83yx4c2/more-than-one-total-per-columnrow

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