How to add a cascading Filter to a discover. From Tips & Tricks Vol 6/21

Sneak: Filter Results by Values + Cascading Filters in Discovery + Create Aggregate Measures

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How to add a cascading filter to a Discover

In the following scenario we are going to add a cascading filter to a Discover. Product Category and Product Sub Category dimensions will be used.

  1. Locate two dimensions:

  2. Drag the second dimension of interest Product Sub Category (based on Hierarchy) in the Filter dropdown area.

  3. Right Click on the first Dimension of interest (Product Category) in the dimension panel > Cascade to > and select “Product Sub Category” (second dimension of interest)

  4. Two slicers now available in the top section of the discover object (Product Category and Product Sub Category).

  5. Once we select a value in the first Slicer (example: Bikes), only values related to bikes will show up on the second slicer. This limits the number of values that show up on the second slicer dropdown menu, and makes it easier to drill down to the desired information.

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