How to add customizable Sub-Totals. From Tips / Tricks Vol 4/21

Sneak: How to add customizable Sub-Totals

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How to add customizable Sub-Totals

Users can now select or deselect which attributes will be used in Sub-Totals. The ability to hide and show specific Sub-Totals increases the usability of grids by removing unneeded graphical clutter.


  1. In Discover, in an existing grid report, go to the query menu, and select total. Pick either row or column for sub totals. For this example, pick Row totals

  2. In the Total’s Wizard, you will be able to customize which hierarchy you can apply the subtotals. Under Totals Type, pick sub totals

  3. Under Sub Totals, pick the hierarchy, in this case country, click Apply

  4. Now your customized sub-total shows in the grid for only the hierarchy you chose

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