How to use conversations. From Tips & Tricks Vol 2/22

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How to use conversations

Conversations are a great way to stay within one workflow, on the Pyramid platform. As you view and analyze your data, whether within Discover or Present, you have the ability to directly communicate right where you are, with different endusers and group within the organization. The end-user or group being notified will then get a notification, either within their bulletin board, email inbox or both, of the conversations they’ve been tagged in.

  1. Start with a Discover Report.

  2. To start a new conversation, right click on any data point within the report/grid, measure or hierarchy, and select start a new conversation, which will open the conversation dialog box, where you can write description, comments, and assign it to the end-user or group you want to receive the notification.

  3. Note that you can also take a snapshot of the Discover report and data behind it

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