How to build a Tabular Grid

How to build a Tabular Grid

Working with the more advanced functionalities of Discover can be seen as daunting, but don’t be afraid. Use the Tips & Tricks series to give you a quick way to learn more about all modules of Pyramid and share the ‘secrets’ of the Platform. It is a good preparation to take the Discover 2023 course on the Pyramid Learning Hub. Additionally we will share all the Datasets and Solutions on our Explore Pyramid Server for you to experiment, understand and re-build the Tips&Tricks before you run them in your production environment.

Tabular Grids are one way of formatting data in Discover. All Data Points are listed in Columns and there is one line per individual Point. To ease working with these long lists we add filters to cut the Data in useful pieces. 

In this video we will show you how to build a Tabular Grid and add Filters.


You can find this example on the Explore Server in the Knowledge Base / Discover folder.

If you have Questions about this Video, please refer to it in a Question in our Q&A Section.For feedback reach out to: community@pyramidanalytics.com



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