How to get multiple measures on a Line Chart with 'Analyse Further'?

How to get multiple measures on a Line Chart with Analyse Further?

Available in Pyramid 2023 and after

When you start diving in to the Data deeper as a Pyramid Viewer or with a Pyramid Analyst License, "Analyse Further" or "Discover Lite" is a great way to rebuild or change a report that a user has been given access to. Analyze further has a lot of power, but sometimes the users need to know how to get the trick done.

For example, we got a question in the Community: How to get 2 measures on the same line chart?" 

NOTE: You need Pyramid 2023 to have this option


Take the second measure, hover it over the "Values" heading in the DropZone and you should get a slide off  "Y2 Axis" option, then from there you are able to choose the chart type.

I've opened a single line chart from Present as a Viewer into Analyze Further:

Dropping Sales 2 onto the Line chart option gives me:

Admittedly, it gives me two axes, but I get two lines on the chart!



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