Tip of the Day - use formulate to calculate percentages of some elements

Our video of the day looks at a way to calculate percentages of elements

A question came up from a client on how to calculate the percentage of two elements in a dimension from the total of this dimension.

The answer is actually quite simple:

  1. Create an aggregate of the two elements.
  2. Divide by an aggregate of all the elements in the dimension.

Lets do it together:

  1. Create a new formulate, calculation, and select the relevant model.
  2. Add an Aggregate element, and select the desired elements from the dimension.
  3. Divide by a second aggregation of all the elements in the dimension.

Notice that the context of this calculation is in the dimension – so the calculation behaves like another element in the dimension.

If you want it to be a measure – in the aggregates select a data point and change the context to measures.

See the attached video:



You can find the formulate and examples in the Explore Server

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