How to copy content into a spreadsheet. From Tips & Tricks November 22

Sneak: How to Copy Content from Report to Spreadsheet

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How to copy content into a spreadsheet

Aside from the ability to export data from Discover, there is also an ability to be able to copy data from report to spreadsheet, to share either raw data or the visual that comes from Pyramid.

  1. Start with a simple matrix report in Discover. To copy content, right click on the canvas, right outside of the grid.

  2. To copy the raw data that drives the visual, select copy raw data

  3. Copy this into a spreadsheet outside of Pyramid and you will get the raw data behind the visual

  4. If you want to copy the visual as seen in Discover, with the grid formatting/grouping, simply right click on the canvas > Copy Content > Copy Visual Data

  5. Copy into spreadsheet and you will get the same matrix grid structure as you see it in Discover.

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