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Sneak: How to switch Value - Percentage on a Grid or Chart

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How to switch Value - Percentage on a Grid or Chart

When you want to be able to switch or display different values on a grid, or chart, like the base value AND also it’s % value of the total, it can be done using several techniques in Discover, without the need for any complex coding or calculation.

In this example, we will use a sales metric, and find the % of total value for this metric. Starting report:


  1. Using the right click context menu, right click on the Sales header and choose % of total following the click path below. Notice all the different nocode calculations you can incorporate besides % of total.

    The newly created measure will be added on the grid:

  2. Using conditional formatting, you can add % of total as an indicator, in the same cell as the sales metric

    The % of total measure is then added as an indicator on the grid, in sales column

  3. Using Formatting Panel with a pie chart. Start a brand new pie chart report. Open Formatting Panel from the right side of the canvas.

    Go to the “data labels” property, and under content, choose the information/label that you want to show in the chart.

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