Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - June 7th 2024

Dear Community,

a big thank you to those who provided insights into their use of the Learning Hub in the past few weeks. Keep it coming, its so insightful and you will see the first changes and adjustments soon. Our plan is to make accessing and learning Pyramid even easier and smoother.

If you don't have access to our Learning Environment yet and would like to try, let us know and we arrange a Trial.

Training was also a big part of the User Group yesterday, the session was exclusive to our customers in Higher Education. As a member of this group you will find the recording in the Academics Forum. If you want to run your own User Group, let me know, happy to help you setting it up.

A Note from the Author: There will not be a wrap up for the next two weeks as I will be off for a few days. Hope you don't miss me to much. Keep posting and helping each other.

So, what else happened on the community?

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community in the last week

A warm welcome to everyone who joined us in the past week. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions to make this a better community.


Keep coming and invite your colleagues. If you are mentioned in this list, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself.

Who got certified in the past days

If you wonder how your personal path through our Learning Hub could look like? We can help you, have a look into our 'Suggested Learning Path' on the Hub and find your ideal course schedule.

Level 1

 - Amtex Systems

Level 2

@Joseph Nirmal Rajkumar - Kash Tech

Level 3

 - Pyramid Analytics

Congratulations to all, and may be if you have taken previous courses on Pyramid 2020, at least check out the Whats new in 2023 to get up to speed.

Have you tried using Pyramid as an Analyst, let me know and I arrange a Test for you.

New Content in the Tips&Tricks Section

Resolving Issues with Real-Time Monitoring in Pyramid 2023

Latest Questions in the Forum

Date comparison with DateDiff
Rolling average formula
Using an Excel List or Power BI list to Filter Pyramid Report
Forecasting Label
Incorporating Custom Maps into Hierarchy
PPT related queries.


User Groups and Webinars

TDWI AfterShow - Read More

3rd Anthology & Blackboard User Group - Recording (BlackBoard Customers Only)

Learning Live Sessions:

Learning Live Archive - 80+ Hrs of condensed know how


Happy Weekend



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