Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - Jan 26th 2024

Dear Community,

 improving is mostly about listening to your customers. One part are the Ideas that get collected, voted and reviewed by users and our Development team. A big list makes it into the Product with every release.

Another big part is direct feedback that we receive from Customers and Partners. We would like to invite you to take a quick survey and send us your feedback.

Just click on this link and tell us what you think.

You might have noticed the five little stars on the Start Page, if you think that we are doing great, why not telling it to the world and support us with a stellar Review on the Gartner Peers Insights. Read more about this here.

 Thank you for your feedback and lets keep developing together.

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community in the last week

A warm welcome to everyone who joined us in the past week. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions to make this a better community.

If you are mentioned in this list, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself.

New Content in the Tips&Tricks Section.

How to build a customized E-Mail Template by   

Podcast by Omri Kohl Episode 7

On Apple Podcast: Building a Sales Engine with Analytics - Brian McCormac

On Spotify Podcast: Building a Sales Engine with Analytics- Brian McCormac

Read more about the latest episodes and find direct links to listen here.

New Certified Users   

Level 1 Certification

- CubeServ

Level 3 Certification

 - DataOrbis

Well done, keep going.

User Group Webinar

Join us on February 27th for the first User Webinar in Israel. Read Details and Register here.

More User Groups to be announces in the next days.

New Questions

Is there a way to filter out rows that are only showing inf and -nan(ind)?
Customizing y-axis settings on Discover with 3 different chart types
Obtaining accurate summations in a Many-to-One Relationship


Plenty of content...


Lets rock this year.



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