PPT related queries.

1. How to Remove PPT Notes by default?



2. How to Print the PPT with added Guidelines.


3.  In Publication cover page I've added the UserEmail() as dynamic text. when print this from Publication to PPT im able to view email id. But when I print using button Jump action in Presentation it not print the email id in PPT. 

 Please help on this issues

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    1. This appears to be a PowerPoint screenshot. All PowerPoints have Notes sections for each slide, whether they are used or not. it may be you haven't noticed them before. This is not a Pyramid thing.

    2. Guidelines are for aiding layout and positioning during the authoring process. they are not a Printable thing. Same as PowerPoint.

    3. I cannot reproduce your issue.  My publication, printed from the Jump Action with dynamic Text containing the UserEmail() function shows the email address just fine:

    Hope that helps!


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