Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - August 11th

Dear Community,

BI is a bit like cycling, not only does Bicycle start with the same letters (bad pun), its something that is easily learned, looks simple from the outside, bu the deeper you go into the details the more interesting it gets. Just pulling a few numbers and drop them to the users, what can be so difficult.

Like in in cycling, what seems so easy in the Television, (watching the World Championchips in Glasgow at the moment), needs a lot of thinking, building a team, getting the right tools etc. and like in Cycling there is a great community that can help you speed up your own development and avoid challenges. So thank you for your support and questions. So what happened in the past three weeks.

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community since the last post

Send your warm welcome to the new users.

Aydan Gadirzada Turaj Teshali Pieris Jaime Sevilla Cameron O'Donnell Megan Schneider Terry Date Jim Shull Shahar Sandor Gal Yehuda Branko Petric Israel Kliger Uri Raz Isayas Gadalo Noga Kinor OFEK LANGER Yael Volokh Omer Danziger Yasmin Osman Miguel Reyes Gleiser Camizan Tal Inbar Or Man tadla svahat Laura Lopez Tony O'Brien Grigorii Komlykov Andre Lohse valeriia Lisa A Welander fleenorg Phil Brookbanks Deba Sahoo Tom Bruce Tom Clough Nazrin Baghirova nur efsane tarih Danu Dumbraveanu Žanka Popović Mihajlović  Rivka Bonan Brunhilde Faas Narinsu Bayram Balamurali M Adrian Bourcevet Doris Kaltenbach Roland J. Merz Tarryn Stevens Maximilian Wilhelmi Michelle Ng Ian Brister

Wow, happy to have you all here and if you have been mentioned here, feel free to comment and introduce yourself below. 

News from the Education Team

Level 1

Andre Lohse - Data Mart
William vaughan - Pyramid
Žanka Popović Mihajlović  - ADD
Ethan Truelove - Consumer Credit Union
Phattaravarin Pholsawat  - Smollan India
animesh k  - The Honest Consultants

Level 2

Coby Gardner - Align BI
Yolanda Heldsinger  - The Foschini Group

Level 3

Shaun  - BICycle BI

Keep Going!! Huge Congratulations to all

New Content available on the Learning Hub

New Certification: Level 2: 2023 Update

The Pyramid 2023 Update certification is designed to upgrade your current Level 2 certifications to the latest Pyramid 2023 release. This assessment provides you with 33 questions that are focused on the new features included in the 2023 release, excluding Tabulate and Solve. You must complete all current level 2 certifications in order to access this updated assessment. You can find the new certification here.

New Course Grid now available

As the Learning Hub continues to grow with new courses, it is important to us that you find the right content you are looking for. We have enhanced our course grid with new filters and selection options for you to explore our range of training courses and certifications. You can access all of our courses here

New Content available on the community

New Quick How to on Dynamic Sets of Dates. 

There is plenty of new How To's in the Pipeline for the next few days. First one is from Moshe Yossef

How to create a Dynamic Set of Dates

Make sure to follow the section to get all updates

New Dashboards in the Gallery

We are adding new Dashboards for you to get inspired and see the art of the possible with Pyramid. See the full Gallery here.

Latest addition to the Gallery is from Calvin Fuss this dashboard includes a form to write back to Google. Leave a comment below the Dashboard to learn more.
Retail Demo with Google Form


New Questions

Getting busier, thanks! This time just a sample of the latest entries. If you can help or have a question of your own, feel free to comment and answer the questions.

Can you switch off Totals for specific columns in a Matrix Grid
Use API's to extract data from a discovery
Using cascading slicers/filters
Send a separate Email containing the Password
Connection Oracle Essbase

for full details, check out and subscribe to: 


Get involved and help us to answer some questions.

If you wondered about the Title Picture, its a cubist version of a cyclist from Night Cafe.

If you have tips for me to make the Community a better place.
Feel free to comment, send feedback and suggestions




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