Pyramid Learning Hub: New Pyramid 2023 Viewer and Analyst Courses

New Pyramid 2023 Viewer and Analyst Courses and a Parent Child Use Case

The Functional Courses for Pyramid 2023 have all been update or are nearing completion. In parallel we also updated the trainings for our End User oriented License Types the Viewer and the newer Analyst. Read more about these courses below. If you are already certified in Pyramid 2020, why not have a look into What's New in 2023 and the Level 2: 2023 Update. Full Details on the new and updated courses below!

New Course: Pyramid for Viewer users (2023)

This course focuses on the ‘Viewer’ user type. As a business user, you will learn how to access Discover reports and Present dashboards and use the self-service and augmented analytics features to better understand your data and make decisions. This course also provides Viewer users with multiple activities to practice skills by building reports, and manipulating and analyzing the data in them. You can find the new course here.

New Course: Using Pyramid as an Analyst (2023)

This course will introduce you to the new ‘Analyst’ user type for the Pyramid Platform. The Analyst widens the audience for self-service, providing intermediate access to several Lite Versions of the ‘Apps’ provided to the Professional user. Analysts can access Data Models provided by the Pro Users and build Discovers, Presents and Publications. You can access the new course here.

New Use Case Available: Parent Child Hierarchies for a Business Analyst

Reporting on parent-child hierarchies means reporting on data that is structured in hierarchies; such as a chart of accounts, organizational structures, or a bill of materials. They allow you to display relationships, and aggregate members according to the hierarchical structure. This course will give an overview of Parent Child Hierarchies (PCH) Reporting techniques, which enable end-users to manipulate the data in different visualizations in Discover, and prepare it to be shared and interpreted. You can find the new use case here.

We hope you enjoy exploring this new training and look forward to your feedback.



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