Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - Feb 23th 2024

Dear Community,

After last weeks video on GenBI generated content, I would like to follow up with a second video on the topic. In this example, Avi talks to the platform to build and subsequently improve a Publication report. Imagine this capability in the hands of your end users, reducing the required know how about how to build a report and making it possible to dive into details on the fly or during a meeting, simply by talking to the platform. And here is the video:


Let us know know what you think about the video and what your users could achieve with this capability?

And we also make sure that the system is secure as you would expect it from an enterprise platform like Pyramid.

Amazing times ahead.

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community in the last week

A warm welcome to everyone who joined us in the past week. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions to make this a better community.

Big group this week. If you are mentioned in this list, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself.

New Content in the Tips&Tricks Section.

How to add a Custom Visual
How to find the "1st Month of the Year of the Previous Month" in a list
Have a conversation with the Chat Bot

If you want to get help around Formulate, use our upcoming Formulate Use Cases to drop your questions and get them answered. Learning Live: Formulate - Cases Class

New Certified Users   

Level 1 Certification

 - Availity
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Level 2 Certification

 - Premier Foods
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Well done, keep going. If you are planning to do your Level 3 Exam, check our available Presentation Slots

User Group Webinar

User Group Israel -  March 5th. Read Details and Register here.

User Group North America -March 19th. Read Details and Register here.

User Group UK - planned for April 18th in Manchester - Details to follow (Topic Suggestions)

User Group Germany - planned for April 25th Virtual - Details to follow (Topic Suggestions)

User Group South Africa - planned - Details to follow (Topic Suggestions)

Learning Live Sessions:

Learning Live - Pyramid 2023 Update - Registration (covering 2023.11 and AI)

Learning Live - Use Cases for Embed - Registration (Send your Questions!)

Learning Live - Formulate Cases Class - Registration (Send your Questions!)

New Questions

Needs the tooltip feature in other dimension rather than only in Measure values.

Please make sure, when you post a question to also check your notification settings to be able to reply if you get an answer.

Happy Weekend



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