Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - August 25th

Dear Community,

adding Content, welcoming Members, preparing User Groups, this week went by quite quickly. A lot better than staring on an empty calendar. Thank you to all those who help to make this a busy place. To those who have a chance to travel to London in October. Make sure you check out our Community Calender.

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Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community this week

Send your warm welcome to the new users.

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New Certified Users

Level 1

Pundheerapon Khantisit - Smollan India
Orly Landesman - Veracity

Level 3

 - Pyramid Analytics

Keep Going!!

New Content


How to add subtotals for % Values to sum up to 100% in the category
How to: Extract all data from Reports while removing report filters
How to: Creating a Custom Column to create a new attribute
How to: Display Daily Data in a Calendar View

Dashboard Gallery: Sales and Product Analysis

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Upcoming Community Events

We have announced the next User Group in London, meet us on Oct 11th

Coming Germany, United States, South Africa

Next Learning Live Session: Pyramid and ChatGPT

We have released a new Course Grid for the Learning Hub to better reflect the updated components in Pyramid 2023. This also included a New Level 2 Certification for 2023. Read all details here.

Get involved and help us to answer some questions.

If you wondered about the Title Picture, its one of the featured Dashboards in our Dashboard Gallery.

Learn more if you click on the Dashboard, you can even reach a working live example from the Article.

If you have tips for me to make the Community a better place.
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