Congratulations – Level 3 Certified: Heinrich Nel - DataOrbis

Right before the end of the year we are happy to announce that Heinrich Nel from our South African Partner Data Orbis has finished his training and passed the Level 3 Pyramid Certification. An important step that shows the dedication and quality of our local consulting partners. Level 3 Solution Design is the final step to prove a complete understanding of the Pyramid Platform and the deep capability it offers.

A big hello to Heinrich Nel who is the first, but I assume not the last person from DataOrbis to make this step. We are excited the DataOrbis is adding Pyramid certified consultants at the top level. Completing the Level 3 project is the final step in our Pyramid Learning Hub Certification Program and confirms the competency of the achiever in all areas of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform.

The Level 3 Certificate in Solution Design is a rigorous program that tests a person's knowledge and skills in using the Pyramid Decision Intelligence platform. The program guides the candidate to draw on Pyramid to it's full potential; from training and testing data sets for predictive modelling, to Dashboard creation and design.


In Heinrich's own words; "Wrapping up my Pyramid Training with a Level 3 certification is a final step in the process that confirms the know how learned in the previous steps and combines it with real world scenarios."

Learn more here about the Pyramid Analytics Learning Hub


Congratulations again to Heinrich to achieve this Level 3 Pyramid Certification in Solution Design! 

Rory Birch

LMS Manager

The Certification Status of every Community Member is visible in the Profile of the User. Directly under their Profile Picture. The corresponding label is maintained by the Pyramid Community team and updated on a regular basis. This makes it easy to check the qualification status of every registered community user.

You can find more about Labels and what they mean in this Community Article

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