Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - Jan 5th 2024

Dear Community,

welcome to 2024, Olympic Year, Leap Year. We will see grandparents celebrating their 20th Birthday and can look up that in 1924 Tarzan won three Gold Medals in the Pool. Also in 1924 the Motto Citius, Altius, Fortius was used the first time for the Olympics. Lets do the same in the Pyramid Community - Faster, Higher, Stronger. Looking forward to build this community with your help.
As you might have noticed we added some more badges for your to collect. Including this nice little badger, that will only be available for those who sign into the Community in the first 90 Days after we launched Gamification. 

Keep Collecting

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community since the last News

A warm welcome to everyone who joined us in the past week. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions to make this a better community.


If you are mentioned in this list, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself.

New Content in the Tips&Tricks Section.

In addition to the Tips&Tricks in the Knowledge Base  has started to post short snippet Tips on Youtube. Make sure to follow our channel and give her a thumbs up.

New Podcast by Omri Kohl

Right before the end of the year, we launched the Data Shark Podcast. Tune in and listen to Omri Kohl our co-founder and CEO. His talk covers the latest industry trends, common mistakes, and his own entrepreneurial journey. Read more and direct links to the episodes here.

New Certified Users   

Level 1 Certification

 - Congstar
 - VA

Level 2 Certification

 - Apollo
 - Opitz Consulting
 - VA (speeding from Level 1 to 2)
 - Hopton Analytics

@kerstin - T-Systems

Level 3 Certification

 - Tigma Tech
 - Tigma Tech

Well done, keep going.

You can see the Certification Status of a User in the Badges they have in their Profile and you can search for everyone who is at a certain level. e.g. looking for a Consultant with Level 3

User has started certification and passed at least one Product Certification
User has passed a minimum of 6 Level 1 Product Certifications
User has passed at least one of the Level 2 Certifications
User has passed the Level 3 Certification Project

New Courses on the Learning Hub

Getting Started with Pyramid 2023

This introductory content provides an overview of the Pyramid Business & Decision Intelligence platform through the lens of three of the license types that are available in Pyramid; Viewer, Analyst & Professional. You will explore the capabilities for each license type through a series of use case demos.

Getting Started with Discover 2023

This series of activity-based walkthroughs will introduce users to the fundamentals of the Discover module. You will learn to navigate the workspace and build basic reports; apply formatting, calculations, and interactive sorting and filtering to your visualizations to unleash the full potential of your queries. The last walkthrough will introduce you to the power of OpenAI and machine learning through Chat GPT and the ‘Explain’ feature.

Pyramid for Viewer 2023 Course 

This course focuses on the ‘Viewer’ user type. As a business user, you will learn how to access Discover reports and Present dashboards and use the self-service and augmented analytics features to better understand your data and make decisions. This course also provides Viewer users with multiple activities to practice skills by building reports, and manipulating and analyzing the data in them.

Learning Live Sessions 2024

Today we announced the first set of Learning Lives in 2024. See a full list in the Calendar

Feb 1st: Pyramid 2023 Overview

Feb 15th Uses cases for Pyramid Embed

Feb 29th Report Clinic

Mar 14th Formulate Cases Class

Mar 28th PQL Master Class 1

Apr 11th PQL Master Class 2


Plenty of content...


Lets rock this year.



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