Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - May 31st 2024

Dear Community,

in his latest Blog  talks about something in Business Intelligence, that gets forgotten many times. Making sure that your users understand what they analyze and see. Read more here. 

Beyond basic Data Literacy I believe there is an additional group of users that is missing out. Those in the middle who have a good sense of what is going on, but simply don't have the time to dive deep into the Tools and Multiple Sources to find out more, simply because their daily jobs get in the way. I believe that GenBI is a true game changer for this, as now they simply can ask what they need.

So let's try a little challenge this week. Go into the Explore Server, Pick "New Sales Demo 2024" from the Datasets and see what you can find out, just by asking for it. Send me your Results and we will pick a winner at the end of June.

Game on...

What else happened on the community?

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community in the last week

A warm welcome to everyone who joined us in the past week. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions to make this a better community.

 (yes two Lorenz Braun's) 

Keep coming and invite your colleagues. If you are mentioned in this list, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself.

Who got certified in the past days

If you wonder how your personal path through our Learning Hub could look like? We can help you, have a look into our 'Suggested Learning Path' on the Hub and find your ideal course schedule.

Level 1

  - Cloverleaf

Level 2

  - Perficient
 - Tigma Technologies
 @Immanuel Isaac - Tigma Technologies

Congratulations to all, and may be if you have taken previous courses on Pyramid 2020, at least check out the Whats new in 2023 to get up to speed.

Have you tried using Pyramid as an Analyst, let me know and I arrange a Test for you.

New Content in the Tips&Tricks Section

Blog - Fostering a Culture of Data Literacy

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Happy Weekend



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